Hordak - Biography

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Hordak was formed in autumn 2002 by Autumn and Winter. When they started to play together, their main musical interest was and still is celtiberian pagan metal. Between March and April 2003 Hordak recorded its demo at Autumn and Winter guitar's teacher home studio. Some time later Vascón joined the band, as a bassist, and with this line up in December 2004 Hordak recorded their EP War Has Just Begun. It was recorded and mixed in 21st Century Music Studio, during two days. It was also self-produced and self-financed. In September 2005 Vascón left the band and since then Winter records bass guitar parts. This incident didn't stop Hordak from further composing and Hordak first full album The Last European Wolves was ready in december 2005. Recorded and mixed again in 21st Century Music Studio, and released in 22 of october 2006 by Griffin Music. In the meantime Hordak recorded "Hugin & Munin" for Folkearth third album Drakkars in the Mist and "When Gjallarhorn Will Sound" for Falkenbach tribute album An Hommage to Falkenbach, Part II.

Hordak with their music aim to honor Celtiberians, pagans in the Iberian peninsula originated when Celts migrated from Gaul (now France) and integrated with the local Iberians. There are two main topics in Hordak lyrics. First one is about myths and the early European history, the seccond one describes wilderness, and respect to the Mother Nature. Hordak is often wrongly called a viking metal band. Actually, the only viking metal song the band ever recorded is "Hugin & Munin", a song about the Odin's ravens, composed for the Folkearth project. Hordak music is a combination of dynamic and fast metal, with heavy use of blast beats and double bass and Celtic melodies played by session musicians on flutes and bagpipes. Vocally they do not stray away from the usual death growl. Hordak also distinguish itself with artwork and album covers, which are, excluding one from the demo, drawn by Kris Verwimp.

(Source: wikipedia)