Circle Of Dead Children - Biography



One of extreme metal's most revered avant garde mega-beasts, CODC formed on Halloween, 1998, on the southern outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Originally, the crosshairs were pointed at little more than spraying down the Steel City sewers with a bombing concoction of crusty blackened grind death and "maybe releasing a seven-inch someday".

Countless lineup changes, an infamous string of obstacles as well as basements and stages across the country have been encountered and ultimately destroyed from day one and CODC continue to push forward the boundaries of extreme music worldwide, nearly thirteen years later, in 2011.

Circle Of Dead Children represent the audio end times, a psychotic fast forward nightmare into the sonic ash heaps of humanity. CODC are, as noted by press, the ultimate anti-everything band; anti-life, anti-death, anti-world, anti-music and anti-you. Critically acclaimed for lyrical concept and prose as much for their hyper-extreme approach to sound, CoDC possess the ability to both wretch and annihilate the listener as well as rouse and intrigue.