Menace Ruine - Biography




Hailing from Quebec, this duo is cloaked in mystery. Since the release of their blazing self-produced demo, In Vulva Infernum, they have allowed themselves to perform live and have quickly risen to the top of the food chain in Montreal. On Cult of Ruins, the listener is subjected to a blend of super-intense sound layered with horrific howls and relentless blast beats, only to then be confronted with a melodic, haunting, ambient approach that retains immense power. In this respect, Menace Ruine bears some resemblance to the mysterious French post-black metal horde Deathspell Omega, who has become famous for juxtaposing ambient music with absolutely crushing metal. Coinciding with this release, Menace Ruine will reissue their debut on cassette with the ultra-cult label Tour de Garde, responsible for releases by the likes of Ash Pool and Pagan Hellfire.