Divine Eve - Biography

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Divine Eve was formed on a bleak, late winter day in February 1992 when Catharsis members Michael A. Sleavin (rhythm guitar & vocals) and Matthew Killen, (drums & backing vocals) were joined by Xan Hammack (lead guitar & vocals) and Tyson Lueck (bass & backing vocals) to form what became Divine Eve. Immediately they began preparing for their debut recording, "The Last of the Sunset Faded," in October 1992. Just before the studio sessions took place, Tyson quit the band and all bass tracks were recorded by Hammack. Tyson rejoined the fold six months later in May 1993 and remained a full-time member until their disintegration nearly two years later. 500 cassette copies of "The Last of the Sunset Faded" sold rapidly and by November 1993, Divine Eve was instantly signed to Nuclear Blast Records who released the demo under the name "As the Angels Weep" in Europe and Nuclear Blast America (Relapse) for the US.

A new promotional EP was recorded in the winter of 1993/94 titled "Essence of Dawn," which was supposed to be released by both Gothic Records (US) and Candlelight Records (UK) but never happened. One of the EP's tracks, "Velvet of the Godless" appeared on the Nuclear Blast compilation "Death…Is Just the Beginning III" and impressed the label enough to sign them for a debut full-length recording and extensive worldwide touring. However, things did not turn out for the best.

In August 1994, the band toured the West Coast and Mexico supporting their two releases and were preparing songs for their first album. By April 1995, the conflictions amongst the members of Divine Eve were so hostile, they disbanded immediately. Hammack instantly relocated to California and recorded the debut Divine Eve album under a new banner calling it Crimson Relic. He was accompanied by drummer Rhett Davis of Morgion and signed to the Nuclear Blast subsidiary Radiation Records. However, with poor sales and reviews, Crimson Relic's future was halted due to not holding up the capacity of what Divine Eve songs held.

Tarot Productions released the "Upon These Ashes Scorn The World" anthology in May 2007 to much positive result. Said to be one of the most crushing death metal bands to ever emerge out of Texas and the United States at that. At the time and now, Divine Eve's musical influences include Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Autopsy, Motorhead, Sodom, Venom, Bathory, Nihilist/Entombed's "Left Hand Path" album, as well as Cathedral's "Forest of Equilibrium" album. Lyrically, the band extract inspiration from pure visions of ancient, pagan history, novel heretical ideologies, esoteric and dismal shrouded dreams.

In February 2008, three of the four original members gathered together (minus Tyson Lueck, although with his eternal hail) to once again create sonic violence and stain silence. The trio began to rehearse and soon new material as well as refurbished older material never recorded by the band was chosen and the band entered Klearlight Recording Studios with engineer Scott Cooksey. This led to the recording of the first new Divine Eve material in over 14 years, the 4 song e.p. "Vengeful and Obstinate" which will be released in January 2010 on Ibex Moon Records, followed by Divine Eve's first ever European tour in support of the e.p. in early 2010. This e.p. is intended as a prelude to the debut full-length which will also be available through Ibex Moon Records. Following the European tour Divine Eve will continue to compose and sharpen the audible blades for this first full-length to be recorded sometime in 2010...

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