The Devil's Blood - Biography


On album covers, logos has been varied, although this is the logo used on the "come reap" album.



The myriad of influences, both artistically and spiritually, that creates the overall aesthetic of The Devil's Blood takes the listener into a labyrinth of wondrous amazement and dark realization. Using the tradition of rock n roll music as being a mouthpiece for the influence of The Devil to evoke a powerful, sensual and energetic mixture of Musical Theatre and Ritual Practise.

Using the power of their written material, which traditionally holds common ground with, for example, 70s hard rock and 60s psychedelia among many others, as a steppingstone from which the band moves into complex improvisational drifts that drive, clash, shake and force their way into the subconscious of the listeners while at the same time opening up their senses with the use of fire, blood, incense and other ritualistic ingredients.

The Devil's Blood uses these ingredients in their Theatrical Presentations as focal points through which the sonic worship of Death, Chaos and the Devil is projected. To instigate certain rebellious notions, alive deep within the dark heart of humanity, they seek to spill forth the waters of the River of The Devil's Blood so that it in turn might instigate the spark of the inner Divine flame, that it might speak of the inner potential and power of the ones confronted with its glory, that it might, in whatever small or grand fashion, add to the growing forces of the infernal dominion and thereby to the impetus that shall lead to the end of all things.

"The Devil's Blood is a dedication to principles and principals more ancient than Time, a branch of a tree greater than the World, an exclamation of both the profound and the profane. The Devil's Blood has always been one of the many vessels through which the Light of the Devil shines upon the darkness of the world and shall always be the possible entrance to a path walked alone. But only for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. This path starts not in understanding but in confusion.

The Devil's Blood have proven time and time again to be a completely self reliant and untethered entity, we hold no allegiance with anyone, not even internally. We do not belong to any scene and refuse to be the face of any kind of movement or organisation. The Devil's Blood is quite simply not of this world and holds no ties to it. We shall disappear as suddenly as we came when the time of the completion of our founding goals has been achieved. What these are is not known, not even to us. Without fear nor hesitation we cast upon the fire our children for Moloch! Hail Satan!"