Amputated - Biography

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Amputated formed in the Spring of 2002, comprising the line up of Morbid Mark (vocals), Daryl BC (rhythm guitar), Simon (lead guitar), Sicky Martin (bass) and Garry (drums). They had all known each other from the local Bristol scene and got together after the demise of their previous bands, which coincidentally happened around the same time. The band's primary aim was to become the sickest and most brutal band to hit the boring Bristol metal scene that is overrun with melodic thrash/death crossover bands.

Amputated's influences include bands such as Nunslaughter, Goreotted, Exhumed, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, etc., but more and more noticeable (as the band gained experience) was the increasing presence of more brutal influence from bands such as Devourment, Vaginal Jesus, both Disgorge bands, and Anal Blast. Also starting to emerge was the presence of the anti-PC nature that was to complement the aggressive live performances: as long as it "involved the sexual debasement and/or the extermination of women".

After several months of line-up problems it was decided to continue as a four-piece outfit. During this time, the first demo was recorded and the first gig played. The demo entitled Up To Our Nuts In Guts caused a huge stir amongst local metal fans and led to an opening slot supporting Necrophagia and Exmortem, where the full fury of the live show was unleashed on an unsuspecting crowd. Several months later, the band supported Desecration which would lead to the Des main-man Ollie Jones (Extreme Noise Terror) joining as a second guitarist.

Word was quickly spreading about the aggressive and unrelenting nature of the live shows and this led to the demo being picked up by IBD Records, in January 2004, who re-released it as part of a split-CD with Leptotrichia of Belgium. Soon after the release there were more line-up changes followed by the band's first tour, supporting [band]Disgorge [MEX][/band], Sanatorium and Gorerotted, a slot on the Obscene Extreme 2004 bill alongside bands such as General Surgery, Blood, Prostitute Disfigurement, and Rompeprop, and shows with Incantation, Necrophagia, Avulsed, and Deicide to name a few, as well as headline shows throughout the UK.

In early 2005, the band entered Endless Studios in Birmingham, UK to record their debut album entitled Gargling With Infected Semen. As well as showcasing new material, the band chose to re-record 2 tracks from the demo as well as a cover of "Immersed In Pain" by Jungle Rot. The recording was to remain as raw as possible to retain the natural aggression of the band's music but at the same time sound professional. After the CD was recorded the band played a well-received show at the London Deathfest (alongside Avulsed, Gorerotted, Prostitute Disfigurement et al), which was recorded and released in November 2005 as a DVD-R entitled Live Amputation. After more hiccups in the line-up Amputated have continued to gig furiously, including being main support on Deranged's late 2005 UK tour alongside [band]Skinned[band] and more recently in mid-2006 a 2-week stint around Europe with Extreme Noise Terror, Desecration and Cold Lazarus. This tour extended from Germany through Holland and ended in Switzerland, garnering the band a place in the minds of European metal fans.

Upon returning to the UK the band were approached by BBC TV and Endemol Productions to take part in the pilot episode of a new reality TV program called "Singing With The Enemy", where the band had to live and write a song with an all-girl pop group. In typical Amputated fashion the program was a complete success (or an abject failure depending on your viewpoint). This provided the band with exposure from across the globe during 2007 and gave the band a whole new fan base in countries far and wide including Australia.

2007 was to be a comparatively quiet year with only an appearance at the 8th London Deathfest as a real highlight; however, writing was well under way on new songs for the follow up to Gargling... and recording started during December 2008 at Studio 6 in Wootton Bassett, UK finishing in February 2009 with a release date of November 2009. Released by Sevared Records, the album showcases more influence from bands such as Waking The Cadaver and Devourment along with more focused brutality. The band are now busy at work securing new tour dates for 2009/10 and have already started with a mighty performance at the London Deathfest 10 supporting Immolation and confirmation has been given for the band to perform at Deathfeast Open Air along with Suffocation and Dying Fetus.