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From 1986 to 1996, Accu§er were a mainstay within the national and international metal scenes. Especially albums such as 'Who Dominates Who?' (1989) and 'Repent' (1992) are an impressive display of the Siegen, Germany-based group's technical and compositional abilities.

Musically, Accu§er finds their own niche somewhere between Bay Area Thrash Metal and the German sound of bands such as Kreator or Destruction. Collaborations with Alex Perialas (producer of Testament, Anthrax, etc.) or German Industrial pioneers Die Kruppsspeak for themselves.

The band played countless tours and concerts, e.g. with Motörhead, Paradise Lost and Overkill. In this way, they earned a great standing and become a reliable force known for their energetic, breathtaking live shows.

With the albums 'Reflections' (1994) and 'Taken By The Throat' (1995), the band changed their musical direction. Their sound became more and more aggressive and focused on groove.

After several line-up changes, the band eventually split up in 1996.

That is, until 2008: Accu§er returned back to the front. Although they were never truly gone, to be exact. Under the name of Scartribe, they have been writing songs all the time and played countless concerts.

By the end of 2008, the band returned to their familiar name and has been firing on all cylinders ever since. They released various albums and worked hard to bring their classic trademark sound back on stage for the fans. Numerous shows on European festival stages and in sweaty clubs garnered them even more interest, and Accu§er didn't stop from there.

'The Forlorn Divide', released in 2016, has to be called a milestone in the band's history. It was the start of their collaboration with Metal Blade Records, a relationship that still lasts, and that brings the new album, 'The Mastery', in January 2018.

Accu§er has been in a constant songwriting mode all over the past year. Combined with the energy and spontaneity from several live shows, the songs came together very quickly. Together with long time producer Martin Buchwalter, they put together the record in the summer of 2017 at well known Gernhart Studio (Destruction, Tankard and many more). For the band, 'The Mastery' is some kind of missing link between the technical virtuosity of an album like 'Who Dominates Who?' and the more basic, heavy approach of 'Repent'. 'The Mastery' contains all of the elements that define the Accu§er sound: heavy, chunky thrash riffs, aggressive vocals with a touch of melody - in addition to the high class guitar solos by youngster Dennis Rybakowski. When it comes to the lyrical side of their songs, Accu§er still raises their voices to denounce social grievances.

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