Accu§er - Biography





Founded in 1986, German Thrash-heads ACCU§ER became weighty players on the international scene with albums such as „Who Dominates Who" (1989) or Repent (1992) and songs rife with both technical and compositional pyrotechnics. Right from the beginning, the band established themselves as an original imprint amongs their American brethren from the San Francisco Bay Area as well as fellow countrymen Kreator and Destruction, a fact cemented not least because of collaborations with Testament-/Anthrax-producer Alex Perialis or Industrial-pioneers Die Krupps.

ACCU§ER became renowned for their highly energetic performances with capacities such as Motörhead, Paradise Lost and Overkill before it was time to spread out stylistically with Reflections"(1994) and „Taken by the Throat"(1995), both of which became more aggressive and groove-laden.

In 1996, the band took a backseat … till 2008

ACCU§ER are back, although they actually never disbanded. Under the monicker Scartribe, they've constantly been around studios and venues up to their glorious return, firing on all cylinders.

May 2010 sees the release of „Agitation", a head-on recourse to classy Thrash-riffs, melodic leads and fiery solos , topped off with charismatic vocals and heartfelt lyrics addressing social injustice.

Strengthened by the Scartribe-allies Frank Kimpel on bass and drummer Oliver Fechner, veterans Frank Thoms and Rene Schütz were set on taking the stage with the likes of Heathen, Sadus and Grave, not to forget festivals such as Thrash Assault and Way Of Darkness.

With enthusiastic feedback from all over the world, ACCU§ER had tasted blood and started writing another album, which was to be produced by Martin Buchwalter (Destruction, Perzonal War, Suidakra et al.) and released in 2011. Now with „Dependent Domination" in stores and comrade-in-arms Uwe Schmidt replacing Rene, the quartet hast scheduled not only shows with Death Angel, but also additional festival appearances, for example at Wacken Open Air.