Vanitas - Biography




Vanitas was founded back in 1996. With their self-produced Promo-CD "Vereinsamt" a record deal with the austrian label CCP Records could be accomplished. In November 2000 the official debut album "Das Leben ein Traum" was released and followed by very positive resonance within the scene. With the second album "Der Schatten einer Existenz" Vanitas once again managed to convince the press of their musical quality and to extend their status around the underground. Lots of very good reviews in worldwide magazines (Legacy 15/15 points, Orkus 8,5/10 points etc.) rewarded them for the hard work. Moreover, international licence agreements were concluded, so the album can be purchased in Latin- and South America as well as in the Russian countries. The new release "Lichtgestalten" shows the band with a new, harder and more diversified sound. Vanitas present a mix of dark-, death- and gothic-metal on highest level. In the year 2005 Maria decided to leave the band.
After thinking twice about the future of the band, they decided to split up the band in 2007.