Mortemia - Biography




Mortemia is metal and gothic scene veteran Morten Veland's latest project. His musical endeavors have been many since his early beginnings in 1992. At the age of 15 he entered the music scene with his first band Uzi Suicide, a band characterized by its fusion of rock and metal. With time, his interest for more alternative music grew and he soon discovered the UK gothic scene, inspiring him write darker and more melancholic compositions.

In 1995 he co-founded Tristania and signed his first record deal at the age of 19. He released 2 full length albums and several EP's with this band, taking the underground scene by storm and becoming one of the leading acts within the genre almost overnight. Extensive touring in Europe and America followed including performances at some of the biggest music festivals in Europe. As the band's lyricist and main songwriter, Morten played a major role in defining gothic metal early on.

In January 2001 Morten parted ways with Tristania to form Sirenia. His intention was to set a new standard, taking his songwriting skills to a new level with a strong focus on the melodic aspects, as well as the more accessible song arrangements, without ever losing the foundation of his musical expression. The dramatic, symphonic, and sonorous elements still had an important role to play in his compositions. To date, Sirenia has released 4 albums and 1 EP. The band has toured worldwide and climbed the album charts in 6 countries, topping radio charts and receiving great reviews from the international press.

With his new project Mortemia, Morten intends to bring a new musical concept into the metal scene by balancing metal and classical music. Mortemia's debut album "Misere Mortem" is filled with sonorous songs that perfectly blend classical with the massive and powerful sound of a metal band. The guitar work seems more dominant here than in any of his previous projects and boasts of powerful guitar riffs accompanied by melodic leads and solos.

The vocal concept in Mortemia is based on an interaction between Morten's extreme vocals and the choir's dramatic rendition. The interaction between the vocals adds diversity and dynamics to the songs. Morten chose not to include female lead vocals this time to more easily set Mortemia apart from his other bands, as well as to differentiate Mortemia from the many female-fronted gothic metal bands presently overrunning the scene.

"Misere Mortem" represents a new beginning for Morten in many ways. It is the first album in which he is credited as the sole producer, in addition to also engineering and mixing the album on his own. The recording and mixing sessions took place in Morten's Audio Avenue Studios in Stavanger, Norway. The choral tracks were laid at Sound Suite Studios in France. Morten performed and programmed every instrument on the album, limiting outside contribution to the extraordinary French choir comprised by Damian Surian, Mathieu Landdry, Emmanuelle Zoldan, and Sandrine Gouttebel.