Dråpsnatt - Biography




Dråpsnatt was started in 2005 by Vinterfader and Narstrand. The two had been working together in other various small projects with creative freedom as the main guideline, and Dråpsnatt was not supposed to differ in that aspect. The band was formed with the idea to keep it simple, atmospheric and brutal, taking inspiration from old pagan tales, northern nature, mythologies and so on.

The literal translation of the word "Dråpsnatt" would be "manslaughter night", but there is no end to how bad that sounds. It just doesn't translate very well.
As a short moodsetter to understand the name better: Imagine a lonesome traveler at night, following a dark path through the forests of Sweden in the year 1800, he gets overthrown by someone - or something - which costs him his life. The village starts to gossip and starts rumours about those responsible for the death being ghosts, goblins and whatnot. That was pretty much the scenario that they had in mind when choosing the name.

I Denna Skog (In These Woods) was released during the summer of 2009, receiving good responses from listeners and critics alike. Hymner Till Undergången (Hymns to (Our) Doom) was released in 2010, and seems to have been welcomed in a similar way as its predecessor. Both albums can be bought via Frostscald Records.

The band's third full-length, Skelepht was released in the spring of 2012.