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Number H - Biography


The Number H project was born in 2006 from the minds of Andrea Murgia (bass) and Alessandro Zucca (guitar). They decided to carry out their dream, after their previous project, Vanishing Floor, was over. After testing some musicians, they called back their good friend Cesare Bogazzi (singer from Vanishing Floor) and chose Daniele Esu as their drummer.

They started writing their own songs (Alessandro writes most of the music, and the lyrics are by Cesare), with influences from 70's great rock bands (as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin...) and some 90's rock music.

The band made its debut on the March 1st, 2007, with one hundred minutes of rock, brand new songs and energy.

During May 2007, Number H recorded their first and homonymous album, with nine songs, and then they started to look for a production. Their search gave results during 2009, when the band got in contact with the record company SG Records, and together they published Number H second album, "Whisper in your ear".