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Damned Spirits' Dance - Biography




Damned Spirits' Dance came to life at the beginning of 2002, but it was not until 2004 when they recorded their first demo: "Hide From Daylight". It was loosely based on scandinavian black-death-metal, and the seven tracks were recorded in a basement within a week, under cheap and simple circumstances. The four permanent members were already together from the start: Sinox-lead vocals / Corun - guitars, vocals / Vyrn - guitars / Sacrun - keyboards. Hellhaller - playing the drums live - since has drifted away to a more extreme style, but Koege - bass - is still in touch with Corun, running the grunde-punk-metal band, dEScADOS.

The sound of DSD went through notable changes, and a year later - in the summer of 2005 - "The Growing Spirit Ep" was made. The band took this new material to a professional studio and had the chance to work with great sound engineers like Viktor "Max" Scheer (Forest Silence, Anima Sound System, Sear Bliss, etc.) and Barna Hidasi (Without Face). The crew had to part with their current drummer, Bagira, who couldn't manage to go through with the recordings, so the three songs were played by Bence Kőhegyi, who was a long time member of the well-known Hungarian heavy-metal band: Tűzmadár. This mini CD received pleasant critics in Hungary and got the band their first international contract at the dutch VicRecords. Bass lines were done by Father Mary who, afterwards, has left DSD, and is inactive ever since.

Constant problems with bass players and drummers lengthened the arrival of the first full-length album which was finally recorded in the end of 2007 and mixed in 2008. Once again, working with Viktor Scheer, DSD managed to find the basics of its eclectic sound, and hardships with the rhythm section seemed to have settled by the arrival of Sigan on drums who since has left Sin of Kain, but continues to play with his pagan-black-metal band, Bornholm. Abyss - who has also been a member of Sin of Kain - had to go even before starting the work on the LP, so the bass lines were mostly played by Viktor Scheer who was also the producer of the record. The "Weird Constellations" album brought the attention of the Italian code666 during the first promotional round and the band signed there in February, 2009. After years of delay, "The Growing Spirit" mini cd has seen the light of day at 2nd March, released by VicRecords, and not much later the "Weird Constellaions LP" came out on 20th April.

Since then, the band has parted ways with Sigan and found two excellent members: Scl and Deimonos. Not even this put them off their purpose: to have as many concerts as possible, both at home and abroad. Thus, in January 2010, they joined Negură Bunget, the leader band of the Romanian experimental/black metal scene, and had more than 15 concerts together in the first half of the year. In the meantime, two of the founding members (Corun and Sacrun) left the band. Corun was replaced by Vulgarz in the second half of the year; and now, the present line-up is stronger than ever.

The band is nearly ready with their new EP, and it is planned to be released in the first half of 2011, and they already play some of the songs at their concerts.