Sickening Horror - Biography

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Sickening horror was created on January 2002 by George Antipatis (guitars, vocals), Ilias Daras (bass) and George Kollias (drums) to explore the boundaries of extreme music. At first the band was influenced mostly by technical Death Metal and on November 2003 released a 3-song demo cd, simply entitled "Promo 2003". At that time George Bokos had joined the band on the 2nd guitar for a while.

As time passed the band incorporated many diverse elements in its music from experimental black metal to jazz and industrial. The band's soundscapes became more multi-layered something which gets evident on the debut album "When Landscapes Bled Backwards". The album was released on June 2007 by Neurotic Records. Mixing duties were held by none other than Neil Kernon and the mastering was done by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.

On February 2007 the band decided to part ways with George Kollias, who was replaced on October 2007 by Jose Theodorakis. On March 2008 the band embarked for its first tour along with Immolation, Melechesh and Goatwhore. The tour was amazing and consisted of 24 shows all over Europe. After the tour the band entered the studio to record its 2nd album "The Dead End Experiment".

A couple of months later, the band parted ways with Jose Theodorakis and recruited Alex Zachos on April 2009. On July 2009 the band signed with SFC Records and "The Dead End Experiment" was released on August 2009. On October 2009 the band decided to get a 2nd guitarist, so Andreas Karayiannis joined in. To promote "The Dead End Experiment" the band went on a headline tour in Russia along with Cephalic Impurity and Thelema, on November 2009. These days the band is writing songs for the 3rd album.