Nephesh - Biography

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Nephesh born in 2003, founded by Oscar in Bogota who was interested in forming a Extreme Metal band, in turn joins Arnold band guitarist and bassist and vocalist Wolfgang. In 2004, Nephesh begins in the metal scene playing at many events in the country;In 2005 the band has the presence of guitarist Adolfo who was a longtime friend of Oscar, with this new member the band begins to take a more forceful sound, with influences taken from Death and Black Metal in 2007 the band takes a break for about a year and in 2008 has the presence of a new member Jonathan, who enriches the raw sound of the band with symphonic 2008 the band decided to record their first production, the band's music is heard by Jason Butz from American label Nokternal Hemizphear, who is interested in working with the band.A few months after Nephesh signing contract with NH Label and released to the world its first production entitled: "INTER ARMAS SILENT LEGES" internationally distributed marking a hit in the metal scene for their orchestras and musical fastest in conjunction with a strong message and full of human and social criticism. In 2010 Adolfo B. says his departure from the band for personal reasons and interests, thus giving room for a new member: Penthecka, who joined the band with Extreme melodies, Melodic and Thrash influences, again giving the band more concrete ideas for its new production that is currently in the process of writing and production.