Soul Stealer - Biography




The band was established by guitarist Enrik Slavinskis and vocalist Jeronimas Milius in August 2003. From the beginning of their foundation, Soul Stealer (formerly Soul Brothers) participated in live contests and performed in some of Lithuania's biggest festivals such as Naujas Kraujas 2005, Durys 2005, Roko Naktys 2005, Helloween 2005, Roko Naktys 2006, Burning Steel Festival 2006, Krikðto Skonis 2006, Kilkim Zaibu VII, and Roko Naktys 2009.

In 2005 the band took part in Brodvëjus Star 2005, placing second overall in the competition.

In 2006 they took part in EuroRock 2006, placing third overall, a position that granted them the right to participate in the Fiesta Borealis festival in Poland. The band also performed a variety of gigs across smaller clubs in Lithuania.

In 2007 Soul Stealer suspended their concert activity and, in 2008, signed a contract with the Ledo Takas record label. The Lithuanian heavy metal band issued their debut self-titled album in the spring of 2008.

In autumn of 2008 the band performed in Poland again, this time in Gdansk. In the beginning of 2009 the band also performed with the legendary Russian heavy metal band Aria in Vilnius. In autumn of 2009 Soul Stealer finished their second album, Feel The Steal, in the Phoenix Studio in Latvia.

In 2010 Soul Stealer won the national finals of Wacken Metal Battle and will perform in one of the world's biggest open-air metal concerts at Wacken Open Air 2010.

(Source: MySpace)