Nidingr - Biography




The band started out as Audr, a solo-project of Teloch in 1992. Teloch recorded one demo, before Blargh joined and they changed their name to Nidingr. Nidingr have previously released Sorrow Infinite And Darkness 2005 and Sodomize The Priest 2006, the latter a compilation vinyl limited to 500 copies, consisting of old demo songs and a live recorded rehearsal from 1996. Nidingr returned in the year of 2010 after a 5 year hiatus, this time with a theme-album based on Norse mythology. Nidingr already enjoys a "kvlt" status among the connoisseurs up here, and the new release will solidify all of that and more. Nidingr's main man Teloch's many undertakings include Gorgoroth, God Seed, 1349, Orcustus, Umoral, Ov Hell etc.