Bifröst - Biography




In the dark quarter of the year 2005 two shady figures from Austria, both fed up with modern civilisation, began asking themselves, how it would be to take some musical instruments and proceed to an unholy place in order to abuse them with every trick in the book. Mighty Pagan Metal was what they had in mind and so it happened.

Soon both subordinate blokes hailing from the alpine republic found out that the project did not have the desired attractiveness as a two-piece. Therefore another wild warrior with the intimidating voice of a really aggravated ice giant joined the fold. Now the arch-Pagan Metal battle horde stood upright against the storm: consisting of a boisterous drum beater, a mad string ripper and an angry shouter, ready to fight - about to scare the living hell out of the world out there. Said world proved to be a bit to big for Bifröst back then, yet only a tiny bit to big and the determination of our conquering heroes again still a bit to small. So they retreated to a mossy troll cave to ban their harsh Pagan sounds to a catchy sound carrier.

This pretty elaborate undertaking occupied everybody for a few months, but after some busy times the young berzerkers returned to the bright day light, proud to have created a powerful opus full of content. These gruff fellows still consider it to be their highest goal to bring rebllious Pagan Metal efforts to the people and play entertaining shows in front of as many crowds as possible. As the ancient gods are well-disposed towards the staunchly commited Bifröst horde quite a few very successful live shows were played, countless beer mugs were emptied and new anthems resulted from the great, raw power of hop intoxication.

Exactly these timeless, great songs have now been put onto another sound carrier, with the active support of musician and producer Stefan Traunmüller in his professional sound forge - the sensational, brandnew mighty deed of an album „Heidenmetal" now tells about the enormous musical abilities of the über-talented Bifröst gang. Again the unspoilt mob of musicians bravely set out to find support of an adequate label as soon as possible and scatter the sounds of the new CD to the four winds - established East German record label Einheit Produktionen had exactly the right instinct and after the successful contract signing both parties now look forward to a successful and fruitful cooperation. Only a few Pagan brigades this talented can be sighted and heard on the scene of the genre - „Heidenmetal" will take the hearts of all Pagan Metal disciples by storm !