The New Dominion - Biography

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The New Dominion was founded in March 2006 and the first line-up consisted of 4 members. The original idea was to write fast and brutal Gothenburg-thrash metal inspired by bands such as At The Gates and The Haunted. After a six-month quest a second guitar player was found in the person of Michiel. Not only with his unique playing skills, but also with his personality he proved to be the right man for the job. It took TND just 6 more weeks to prepare themselves for the first gigs in the completed line-up, which turned out to be a great success.

Strengthened with this knowledge and more confident than before, the band participated in a national metal contest in which they competed with 45 other bands. Spread over a period of 2 months and 3 rounds, the finals were reached. Meanwhile the recordings for their first demo-CD "And Black Gleams The Eye" commenced. Eventually the final of the Metal Battle had been won with absolute superiority by The New Dominion. As for their demo: friend and foe received it with great enthusiasm and it triggered the curiosity of many, questioning what the future was going to bring for the band.

More shows resulted in all this, including support slots for bands such as Nile, Six Feet Under and several gigs spread around the Dutch club scene. After spending more time in the rehearsal room the band finalised the recordings of their debut-album "...And Kindling Deadly Slumber" together with producer Tymon (Cynic). The result of these recordings proves the great progress they have made. The style is no longer defined as just Gothenburg-thrash. Those roots are still very audible, but the band has generally evolved in creating a more unique blend of thrash and death metal with influences varying from Hypocrisy to Tool, from The Haunted to Cannibal Corpse and from Gojira to Slayer. Song structures have become increasingly more interesting and challenging for the listener, whereas the vocal parts have become more brutal and aggressive on one side and more intense and tantalising on the other.

"...And Kindling Deadly Slumber" has been released on March 23rd, 2009 by Neurotic Records. Right after the band departed on a European tour supporting the reunited Pestilence.