Auaesuve - Biography

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Sometime in 2005, Julius S. L. Clark (J.), through meditation, formed the word & name AUAESUVE to be used for a series of short-stories that he had planned beforehand. These stories were to be, and were, influenced by a determination to create worlds and concepts that transcended the notion of "creating something for the sake of creation", and went on to become personal belief systems that J. would truly dwell in, and truly believe in. These stories explored a vast and majestic un-named paradise filled with the past dreams of gods, the eternally dark dead-lands of byhaust-ki and the obelisk that marks its beginnings, the mysterious akashic sands somewhere near The Golden City of Jaisalmer that can be seen and explored only by a specific bloodline, dreaded secrets that dwell behind the unknown void that is Aia'qu'ia'lis and many more things that all tied into this "thing" called Auaesuve. Eventually, after some experimentation, J. decided to make these things even more real to himself by painting them in music and seeking out the visions they gave others, although the latter became more "relaxed" over the years.

In the same year, the name given to these musical "paintings" as a collective naturally became Auaesuve. The idea at first was to make a genre of music that enclosed within it the kind of soul found within funeral doom metal without it being funeral doom metal, drenched in ambient and abstract yet solidified ideas. The music was to represent spirit and concept more than musical technicalities. Almost everything associated with Auaesuve (the stories) are of a bleak and negative nature so naturally the music was to express that, but in the process of creation J. realized that the expression was more of his own negativity (both the stories and the music) and began to immerse himself into these scenes, putting himself in the middle of the hopeless and never-changing places and events as a representation of things totally outside of Auaesuve. J. started fragmenting Auaesuve into different shards of the same body: Raeven, Fumerealian, Languish, Depthen, Asgaya Gigagae, Dweller on the Threshold, The Aeonic Order of Vacuity and some other fragments that all have their own unique setting but ultimately tie into Auaesuve (although Asgaya Gigagae was meant to be the somewhat positive counter-part).

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