Yattering - Biography

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Yattering - Polish band performing technical/brutal death metal. Established in 1991 year in Gdansk, with breaks in operation until 1996 when the year is the initiative of guitarist Mark "Hudego" Chudzikiewicza, bassist Martin "Svierszcza" Świerczyñskiego and drummer Martin "clove" Go³êbiewski[2]. In 2006 , the group was dashed after the release of fourth album Fri III

Earlier, in 1995 the band released a demo Fri The Sick Society, however, is not gaining much interest. Groups has changed the situation in 1997 , along with the release of the demo Fri Promo 1997, recorded in a new composition. Publisher attracted interest Moonlight Productions label the effort a year later released their debut album, the group Fri Humans Pain, styled debut year in the journal Trash'em All, Metal Hammer and Mystic Art.

Soon after, the second guitarist joined the band performing under the pseudonym "Thrufel" Maria Doman. In 1999 the band signed a deal with Massive Management pursuant to which there was a contract with record label Season of Mist the effort a year later released their second album, Fri Murder's Concept, promoted during the concert in Poland and Europe (including Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands).

In 2001 , the group proceeded to the implementation of the next album, entitled III, publisher presenting an experimental heavy metal with influences of electronic music is received as a misunderstanding. Soon after the termination of the contract with the current publisher of the group. In 2002 the group signed a deal with Candlelight Records effort which appeared a year later met in the Red Studio album Genocide[3][4]. Publisher was promoted at festivals and concert groups, including Europe, Exploited, Entombed, Sick Of It All, Hatebreed, Centurion , or Mess Age.

In 2004 the group appeared on tour Sworn Allegiance Tour 2004 along with groups Unleashed , and In Battle. A year later effort Chaos III Production released the album III promoted during the concert in Poland[5]. In July the same year the band drummer Martin "Z¹bek Golebiewski. Soon after the group activity has been suspended, and its members, "Hudy" and "Zombek" cooperating in the new draft does not call, while "Trufel" focused on the performances in the group Azarath, "Śvierszcz" while in the group SAINC