Brutus - Biography

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The gruesome foursome was initiated in the year Y2K by Ploegbaas (drums) and Bastærd (vox/guitars) to establish a rejuvenated brand of hyper aggressive death metal with an unearthly definition of 'heavy'. Soon after the initial rehearsals Molestrator (vox/bass) and Schoft (vox/guitars) joined to complete the first incarnation of the Steamroller. For every reason imaginable Molestrator was discarded and replaced by the Ploert. With his vocal and bottom end eruptions the infamous 'Brutus Promo' was unleashed in 2001 resulting in a recording agreement with Unique Leader Records. In 2002 the debrut album 'Slachtbeest' was recorded in Excess studios and upon its release Brutus embarked on an extensive European tour with Macabre and Cephalic Carnage. Soon after this endeavor the Bastærd announced his retirement from death metal. Meanwhile 'Slachtbeest' was getting killer reviews in the media worldwide. Bastaerd completed the set of gigs we had before being replaced by 'Vlerk'. In September of 2005 Brutus went on yet another European Adventure, touring over 3 weeks with Fellow Unique Leader artists Mortal Decay and Beheaded, as well as doing tons of local shows opening for the likes of Nile, Vader and Suffocation. When Brutus was in the middle of the recordings for the highly anticipated follow up "Murwgebeukt (TotalLoss)" Plowboss, who had been struggling with his inner demons, decided to end his time on earth. Since then the band has had a hard time getting to grips with the fact that the fuel had gushed from the machine.
In 2007 Brutus' individual members satisfied their musical appetite elsewhere as time passed by...
With a strong new line-up Brutus celebrated their comeback at the 2008 Neurotic Deathfest. After tapping the young apprentice Yuma (the New Dominion) and re-welcoming Bastærd back into the ranks the foursome has since grown stronger each show. In the coming months all the details concerning the long awaited release of "Murwgebeukt" will be revealed and monotony will receive a new definition.

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