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Karlahan - Biography




The band started in 2006, with a different drummer (Victor Marín) and a synth player (Ivó Castells). In 2008, Aleix Valverde took over the role as drummer and Ivo also left in 2008 due to the increasing complexity of the orchestrations.

Karlahan released a short demo called Twilight in 2007 with just two songs. After this release, they started playing gigs in Barcelona and surroundings and they even played at the Helion Festival in Munich, Germany. It wasn't until the 1st of October of 2009 that they released their first album under the name of A Portrait Of Life. It was totally self-produced, and it recieved very good critics by the international audience.

In 2010, the lead guitarist Jordi Bolibar left the band, being replaced by Xavi Diví. Later in June 2010 Toni Gonzalez left Karlahan as well, giving the band a little brake to compose new songs for their next release, Exile.

Since then, Aleix Valverde and Guillem Rejon left the line-up, but actually Guillem continued composing Karlahan's new compositions and leading the creation of new album Exile outside the stage. The guitarist Sergi García took the role to replace Guille on-stage, and Jordi Farré on drums since 2011.

Karlahan's new vocalist, Ibán de Dios, entered on 2012, closing the new line-up and coming back on stage, setting to record and release Exile next year 2013.