Forgive Me - Biography




Forgive Me was formed by Lozmodial (aka Lord Azmo) back in 2009 in Jordan and continues to this day. The concept of Forgive Me revolves around the fact that people who commit suicide often seek forgiveness in their final moments.

"Into The Shroud", an excessively coarse-sounding track, was released as a single before Last Drop Of Life's release. The album was embraced by the underground, and it led to a deal with Thorns Laceration Records from London, England. The album was released in September 2009, having been recorded and mixed in 24 hours in the beginning of 2009. A re-release of Last Drop Of Life was issued in the beginning of 2010.

After seemingly endless problems with the quality of the recording and with the lack of experience, a session guitarist, Divine Mo'rabe, was brought into the fold. Vocalist Rami Manson from Egypt joined the project to add some agonized screams, eventually resulting in the creation of the track "Life=Nightmare".

2011 saw the release of Forgive Me's first EP, entitled Jerusalem, The Rhyme Of The Deceased, consisting of one 15-minute track.