Lyriel - Biography




Lyriel was formed in autumn of 2003, after some of the members had been in a band called Sorrowsend. One member was Oliver Thierjung (guitar), who decided to found a side project with his wife Jessica. Also two other Sorrowsend members joined the new project: Sven Engelmann (bass) and Daniel de Beer (drums). They chose to add some other instruments, consequently Martin Ahman (keyboard), Linda Laukamp (cello) and Claudia Schäfer (violin) joined the band and Lyriel was born. The music can be defined as "dark romantic celtic rock" and combines rock with medieval, classic and folk elements. On top of this Jessica's strong but gentle voice brings a melodic vibe into the music. Lyriel's first album Prisonworld was released on 17-Jan-2005. What's very individual about the album is, that it contains a song sung in "Sindarin", the language of the elves in "Lord Of The Rings". Soon after Prisonworld was released they supported Elis and Visions Of Atlantis on the "Dark Clouds In A Perfect Sky" tour, in April 2005, with the new violinist Joon Laukamp, brother of Linda Laukamp, who had joined the band in March 2005 since Claudia Schäfer had left the band. Another tour, the "Romantic Darkness Tour" with Regicide and Xandria, followed in February 2006. After this tour Lyriel started working on their next album and also formed the side project "Lyriel unplugged", without Martin Ahman (keys) and Daniel de Beer (drums), but with Marcus "Fidi" Fidorra on percussion. Lyriel performed on several medieval markets in the past. The second album Autumntales was released on 29-Sep-2006. The album contains guest vocals by Sabine Dünser (Elis), who died on 8-Jul-2006 at the age of 29. Lyriel added a dedicated version of the song "My Favourite Dream", which only features Sabine's vocals and classical instruments. In October 2008 Daniel de Beer decided to leave the band. Therefore Marcus "Fidi" Fidorra joined Lyriel totally. Moreover Lyriel decided to center more on the rock project, instead of the unplugged project. Beginning of the year 2009 Lyriel has signed a one album deal with the independent label Femme Metal Records. Because the first albums Prisonworld and Autumntales were sold out and no further pressings was produced, Lyriel released these on 11-Nov-2009 as a double CD which is called The First Chapters. Lyriel's third album Paranoid Circus was released on 29-Jan-2010. On the verge of the release Joon Laukamp and Sven Engelmann decided to leave the band. Two new band members were found soon and now Matthias Kirchler is the new bassist and Johannes Anand the new fiddler. Lyriel supported artists such as Korpiklaani, Rage, Xandria, Schandmaul, Corvus Corax, Saltatio Mortis, Oomph!, Schelmish and Manfred Mann's Earth Band.