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Angeli Di Pietra - Biography

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What do you get when you mix metal with the terms "power" and "folk"? Angeli Di Pietra, of course! This Belgian band has been tagged all kinds of styles, from melodic over gothic to folk metal, none fitting yet all true.

The bandmembers themselves refer to the style as "powerfolk": a combination of powerful uptempo riffs, pounding bass, pumping drums, dark grunts and enchanting female vocals in a well-balanced dialogue, with a touch of folk to lighten it up. Technicity versus melody, catchy although not easy listening. None of the songs are alike, yet they all bear a clear "Angeli Di Pietra"-stamp.

The diversity in the songs reflects the diversity in the band: six members with different influences, all blended into a new sound.

The band was formed in 2002 by guitarists Gaël Sortino and Quevin Smeyers. After a rocky start they found the right musicians to pursuit their common goal of world domination: Sjoera Roggeman (female vocals), Kurt Hermans (bass), Guy Van Campenhout (grunts) and Vincent Pichal (drums).In 2004 they released their first demo "Songs of Solace". Successor "Believe in Angels" saw daylight in 2005 and was very well received in both national and international press. Meanwhile, the fanbase grew steadily.

With over 50 performances, Angeli Di Pietra became a very convincing live band. In 2008 Angeli Di Pietra won the Paganfest-contest and opened the Belgian edition, supporting a.o.: Eluveitie, Korpiklaani and Ensiferum. Now, anno 2009, Angeli Di Pietra is ready to present you their first full-length album: "Storm Over Scaldis" (recorded August 2008 - Excess Studios Rotterdam - NL