Kahtmayan - Biography




Kahtmayan is Iranian first metal band formed on January 2003. Although main parts of tracks were been written by Homayoon Majdzadeh (guitarist) during the past years, official band's activities started by joining other members ,Ardavan Anzabipour (Bassist), khaled Sanad zadeh (Drummer), Ali Khodadoost (Keyboardist).

The "Virtual Existence" Album was completed in Fall 2003. The band decided to play a concert before recording it; So Kahtmayan was on stage about a week on January 2004 with former members, Ali Khodadoost & Khaled Sanadzadeh. After Khaled left the band, Vanik Vartanian as a new drummer on February 2004.

Kahtmayan's initial sound consisted of blending heavy metal with traditional Iranian folk music. The focus in recent years has been to write and compose instrumental songs. The first album "Virtual Existence" is in the vein of progressive metal performed with guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums. In creation of this album, Kahtmayan used melodic elements and various harmonic textures and rhythms. "Virtual Existence" consists of 9 tracks and was written by Homayoon Majdzadeh in 2002. The album though, was scheduled for release in 2007 and was later released in 2009.

Since most metal fans in Iran are into Thrash Metal, The band decided to record the "Exir" album. Kahtmayan changed the line up for this album to achieve a more thrash sound. Keyboardist - Ali Khodadoost was replaced with a second guitarist, Ali Azhari, in April 2005.

After recording is completed on "Virtual Existence", Kahtmayan plans to broaden their musical direction by adding vocals to their lineup!