Bare Infinity - Biography




Bare Infinity are a symphonic-Power metal band originating from Greece featuring a International lineup fronted by the Italian singer/songwritter and actress Ida Elena DeRazza , Tomas Goldney , founder of the band that lives now in the UK and the Greek Guitarist Steve Davis , founder of the Gothic-rock band Coma Curve.

The band started out as a project in 2003 between two friends Tomas and Christianna that were looking to express themselves through the music genre they both loved that was almost non existent at the time in Greece.

After recording a Demo in 2004 and receiving positive feedback , the need to play live shows and produce a full length album was born . Bare Infinity's first lineup came to be in 2005 with their first show in Athens and Thessaloniki in the same year . Being the first Female fronted metal band at the time to be actively playing , the only available shows were with bands of extreme metal music that embraced Bare Infinity by booking them for shows all over Greece.

In 2007 Bare Infnity's hard work and show experience payed off by being chosen by EPICA to open for them at their first show in Greece. Later on in the year Bare Infinity were also invited to represent
Greece at the International Gothic convention (DarkFest) in Italy supporting bands such as Katatonia , Jesus on Ecstasy and more while in Greece . Bare Infinity also played the main stage of the Metal Healing Fest with bands such as Rage , Firewind , Enisferum and more.
In 2008 Bare Infinity continued playing a large number of shows in Greece . and near the end of the year entered the Fragile Studios in Athens to complete the recording of their debut album "Always Forever" . During the recordings after many years together as friends and band-mates , Bare Infinity parted ways with Christianna . Her position was to be filled a few months later by Angel who completed the vocal recordings of the album that was released in 2009 under Emotion Art Music . The album was met with great reviews opening the doors internationally to the band .

In 2009 , Bare Infinity played many more shows in Greece , completed their first Tour (6 shows) abroad in Finland with Finnish bands For Selena and Sin and Manzana , and was invited to play at the prestigious MFVF in Belgium , the first Greek band to play the fest in the ten years of its existence . Sadly on the eve of their appearance at the MFVF a great personal loss forced Bare Infinity to cancel .

In 2010 the band began working on their next release while continuing their promotion of "Always Forever" with more shows and festivals in Greece , a Mini-Tour of Greece supporting Xandria for their special shows with their original singer and set off on their second Tour abroad , and 11 show tour of Finland and Greece , this time with the Finnish band Before the Dawn .

In 2011 , Bare Infinity recorded the EP "The Passage" . During the summer they performed for the first time in Cyprus at the Ayia Napa Fest with Sabbaton , Stratovarious , Nightstalker and more , while in October they finally performed at the MFVF where they released the new album on the day of their performance at the Festival . The Album was met with great reviews and was featured on many magazines in Greece and online .

In 2012 the year began and ended with Bare Infinity's last show supporting Firewind in Athens . Soon After their appearance , Bare Infinity disbanded putting the band into inactivity for almost 2 years .

At the end of 2013 , Tomas announced the revamping of Bare Infinity with a new lineup fronted by the Italian singer and actress Ida Elena DeRazza. and soon after , Bare Infinity gave a first taste of their new material in production , releasing the single Race of Destiny which was produced by renowned producer Jacob Hansen ( EPICA , Evergrey , Amaranthe and more)

In 2015 Bare Infinity returned to the stage playing their first show with their new lineup co-headlining the Voices of the Mist Festival in Athens ,a performance widely regarded as the bands best performance to date , receiving fantastic reviews from press covering the event . The show was also professionally recorded for a future DVD release .

Riding the momentum , the band announced their first crowd funding campaign for their new album "The Butterfly Raiser" which was produced by producer Max Morton from Ukraine . The album featuring guests such as Albert Dannenmann (Ex-Blackmores nights) , Janni Maniatopoulos (Tri Stage Corner) , Sarah Wolf (AfterTime) Max Morton himself and Jacob Hansen on the track "The devils Call".

In 2017 "The Butterfly Raiser" was released on the the 3rd of March by the UK label Blackdown Music.