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Bare Infinity were formed in 2003 by Tomas and Christianna. At first the idea was to keep the band as a project with no members. In 2004 , Bare Infinity recorded their first demo comprising of 4 songs . After receiving good critic from various magazines and webzines and with a few proposals for shows , the need to have a steady lineup was created .

After recording a second demo in 2005 near the end of the year Bare Infinity decided to enter a studio and record a full length album. First to join the band was George on the drums followed soon after by Vincent on the Keyboards and Alex on the Bass.

As the recordings progressed the band played its first show in 2006 in Athens that was soon followed by a number of shows in Thessaloniki , Komotini , ksanthi ,Alexandroupoli and more . However due to difficulties , both financial and other the recordings were never completed and so what had been recording up to that point was self - released as Promotional CD.

The Band continued to play shows around Greece however in 2006 Alex decided to leave the band . His place was filled by Sverd , and thus with the new lineup Bare Infinity entered another recording studio in Athens to beggining the recordings of the Album.

During 2006 and 2007 , the band played a large number of shows with highlights , being asked to represent Greece in the genre of Female Fronted Metal in Italy at the Bologna Gothic convention along bands like , Sin7sins , Omega Lithium , Welterbrand ,Valyrie , Jesus on Exctasy and Katatonia and was hailed as the most promising and original act of the Festival. Also Bare Infinity had the honor of opening Epica's first Show in Athens. Due again to problems concerning the recordings , the band changed studio and booked the Fragile Studios of Vangelis Gialamas (Fragile Vastness) and started once again to record their debut Album. Hald Way through the recordings the band signed a record deal with Athens based Emotion Art music LTD.

However half way through the recordings , The band seperated ways with Christianna . After some months of Auditioning all over Europe , Bare Infinity found their new Frontwoman in the face and Voice of Angel from Thessaloniki , Greece.

Due to delay in the recordings , Bare Infinity completed the rest of the material and the recordings of Angel at Mark Adrians ,Artemis Studios in Athens . At the same time the very first videoclip was shot for the title track Always Forever Part I.

The Album "Always Forever" was finally released in March of 2009 . Through numerous reviews the Album scored over 9/10 from the USA to Europe and Japan and was hailed as the most promising Female band of the year . Further more Bare Infinity was recognised as Greece's Top Female vocaled metal Act and one of the most anticipated and original sounding bands of the year worldwide.

After the release of the album and 2 shows in Greece for its promotion , Bare Infinity embarked on their first Tour aborad , touring FINLAND with finnish bands , For selena and Sin and Manzana .
Days after the completion of the tour Bare Infinity signed a Management deal with Leading Top Production 2wild4 in Belgium and amongst a number of tours and shows planned for 2010 , the Band will also be playing at the Metal Female Voices Festival 8 in Belgium.

The band released a 5-track EP entitled The Passage in 2012. Not long after that the band decided to split up.

A little over a year after the band broke up. Tomas released a message saying that Bare Infinity was starting up again with a new album being planned with a new lineup.
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