Slugathor - Biography




Slugathor means? Total Death!

The name goes far beyond than just a word that you can search from your dictionary. Slugathor delivers destruction, disorder and evilness in form of music.

Slugathor have always played and will always play Death Metal. We started 7 years ago (in year of 1999), full of hatred and disgust towards trendy metal scene that was infected with melodic and technical so called "metal" bands. Total traditional Death Metal, influenced by such EU/US groups as Bolt Thrower, Grave, old Amorphis, Entombed, Immolation, Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Von and Autopsy was our only answer against this trend!

In the beginning our line-up was : Tommi on guitars, Immu on drums, Tatte on bass and Nebiros doing vocals. With this young line-up we recordead our first demo releases, Delicacies of the Cadaver and Fabric of the Multiverse that were also re-released on 7"EP format by Perverted Taste from Germany.

Our old line-up didn't last too long, though we played some gigs and spread the name through the underground. So after 2 years of slow and painful shit, Tommi and Immu decided to change the vocalist and other members from the band. We soon found the right guy (to replace Nebiros) called Axu, who recorded the vocals for the Deepred split-EP release with us and showed us all of his potential in brutal evil old school- the way it was meant to be! Also a Bolt Thrower cover version was slugathorized for this EP in honour of one of the most important bands in Death Metal ever.

We also soon hooked up with Antti from Deepred and about the same time Tuoppi said he could play the bass. These guys were great addition to our band, and our live gigs, were (as always) full of chaos, metal and mayhem! With this line-up we recorded a promo CD in 2002, with 2 old re-recorded tracks and 2 new ones. The feedback was mostly positive and our name was known in the scene around the world.

Meanwhile we also recorded a live show from Semifinal, Helsinki that was released on ug- tape format by Time Before Time (limited to 333 copies). Antti (currently also in DEEPRED and CADAVERIC INCUBATOR) disapeared for a while, but returned later from the grave with a pulse from the beyond (the bass). It was the time for Tuoppi, to start playing his main instrument, 6-string guitar.

Polish label, Agonia Records released our debut CD Unleashing the Slugathron in the end of 2003. This album was also released on tape format by Northern Sound from Finland (limited to 333), and will be also released on LP (hopefully soon enough!) by Agonia.

Another 3-song promo CD was recorded in 2004 with J.Loikas (who has been working with us on nearly all our works, excluding the first demo and the split EP with DEEPRED, although he mastered it). One of the songs ("Legions of the Undead") was also part of DIY/ self-released "Metal on Metal - Finnish underground Metal collection" CD together with some of the Finlands finest Thrash/Metal bands, such as MALICIOUS DEATH, PYÖVELI, JUMALATION and FLAME.

In 2005, Slugathor faced it's biggest tragedy, and we lost not just our guitar player, but also our great friend, Tuoppi (Tuomas Lintulaakso), in a senseless and merciless kill. Our only choice was to tribute his memory, in form of Circle of Death

After this, Antti switched back to guitars from bass and we tried out with Jarno on bass, but this didn't work very long. After this, J. Heikkilä (also in NIGHT MUST FALL) came in to fill the blank on bass guitars. He started as a session member, but has slowly corrupted into the slugathorian brotherhood-coven for good(?) With 8-new songs, our album Circle of Death on TBT shows how strong our vision of purity still is. Expect total regressive Death Metal, that will tear and reap your soul after your body have been roughshod over by a tank.

Slugathor has been signed to Drakkar Records, and more material will be unleashed in the future thought that label.

We did two festival performances this year Murder Art in Moscow and Jalometalli in Oulu.

On one of our latest necromantical gigs in Pori, we did "Zombie Apocalypse" (cover of MORTICIAN) together with our best friend from Sweden, Jimmy Von Leather Koffin (Pagan Rites/Autopsy Torment) on bass, as it was meant to be done already a couple of years ago in Sweden when we were destroying Gothenburg with KAAMOS (but didn't happen back then)! This was the last time ever to play that song, so be glad if you witnessed it!

This year will bring us also a several split releases, and more live torments in Finland. Also we are planning an European Tour at last for 2007...

Slugathor shall tear-up your morals and destroy the essence of purity!

Slugathor released their last studio album Echoes Of Beneath in 2009 on Drakkar Productions before disbanding the same year.