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Semargl - Biography





Semargl is a Ukrainian satanic metal band that formed in Kiev in 1997. Their first works tended toward black metal while their later material has a noticeable death metal sound with industrial influences. Their last album, however, reached beyond any existing styles of heavy music. The aggression of satanic black metal, technical elements of old school thrash and the dynamism of rock'n'roll combined here with a totally unexpected lyrical piano part and clean female vocals and industrial electronic/pop samples makes for a very unique listening experience. The lyrics tend to touch on issues concerning satanism, anti-Christianity, philosophy, war and sex.

The history of Semargl began in 1997 with founding member Rutarp, who determined the creative and compositional direction of the band, melodic death/black metal, as well as the philosophy of the band while gradually picking up the compositional skills needed along the way. Semargl entered the studio in 1999 to record their first demo. This comprised of 4 songs including a cover of a song by At The Gates. Continually writing materiel, Semargl recorded a 2nd demo which was never released; one of the songs on that 4 track demo was entitled "The Falling" and was later reworked for Semargl's debut album. By 2003 the band had a stable lineup of Rutarp (vocals), Shaddar (guitar), Kirkill (bass), Equinox (drums), Shamala (keyboards) and Morthvarg (guitar).

In early 2009 Semargl signed a contract with German label and distribution company Twilight Vertrieb thereby beginning a new phase in their career. The recording of the fourth Semargl album, Ordo Bellictum Satanas, took place during August/September 2009 and it was released on March 12, 2010.

Source: Myspace