Titan Mountain - Biography




Spring '94 gave birth to Titan Mountain. First demo was immortalized in March '97. This demo contains several minutes of wild metal with a dark sound. In September '97 Titan Mountain recorded a promotional song "Screams of Shadows"Which is more symphonic and improved and better produced than the previous material (Manek Studio). In the spring of '99 interested in the project so Nawia Productions Titan Mountain registered in September, three new songs, which along with the promo demo '97 and '97 were published under the title "Above Fangs of Majestic Stonetitans" as MC. During the recording session (Corruption were Studio) was also recorded track "As Drakul Awakes ..." with a view to the compilation.

Music is an ambitious Titan Mountain Monumental Furious Shadow Metal with a clear imprint of symphonic music and great guitar solos, which are not uncommon in this kind of music. The project is most often compared to the Emperor and Limbonic Art, yet in the works Titan Mountaincan also find the original features. In December 1999 Titan Mountain shall register the cover of the gods of technical Death Metal - Nocturnus "Climate Controller", which is no small feat. In 2000 they recorded their debut LP "Behind the Gate of Heartbewitching Mythical Empire and the second LP "Flutter of His Wings Together with Howls of Beasts Conquer the Throne of Silence '. From these materials, Titan Mountain turned into a project in which the guitars are used less frequently, giving way to a monumental key parties.

Nazgrim sets now work T.M. a Monumental Mystic Music. The exception is recorded in November 2001 MLP "Amongst the Silent Whispers of the Waterfalls", Where the guitars are technical and play a greater role. Next year is the time after which stagnation is the time of increased creativity, which are the result of pre-recorded discs in 2004 with the following titles: "Spheres of Mysteries" LP "Glorification of Universe" MLP, "Cosmic Oblivion LP Galaxy Unknown " MLP. Although most of these materials is recorded without guitars, the climate of the music is still maintained, dark, with the stigma of Limbonic Art in the layer buttons. In 2005 Nazgrim not slowing down the work and recorded the album in March "Mystic Journey"And shortly afterwards his successor "Dark Portal". Next month brings the songs that appeared on the seventh full-length album "Everlasting Cult, Which contains a very wide variety of music, from instrumental Black / Death Metal, the music inspired by soundtracks to work pianinow¹ exploring music with influences of Mozart, Xytras ... In September 2005, Titan Mountain records MLP "Untouched for Ages. The end of August 2006 is the time of recording album "Fantomworld" being back to guitar music, songs are half board in the style of symphonic metal, while the other half of the traditional music synth fills. Shortly after recording the album in September 2006 because it perpetuates TM MLP "Emperor," a continuation of the style of the previous album. In November 2006 Strigoi Rec has released reissues of cluster version of "Above Fangs of Majestic Stonetitans." The cult of darkness and mysticism are still the hallmark for Titan Mountain.

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