S.D.I. - Biography




S.D.I. (short for Satan's Defloration Incorporated) is a German speed metal band.

Osnabrück based S.D.I. was created by Black Jack Co. members vocalist/bassist Reinhard Kruse and drummer Ralf Maunert during 1986. Enrolling another ex-Black Jack Co. member, guitarist Franck Tiesing, the demo Bloodsucker was recorded during 1986, followed by debut album Satan's Defloration Incorporated then Sign Of The Wicked in 1988. Tiesing was substituted by Rainer Rage the following year for the album Mistreated.

They recorded tracks for a fourth album which was never released, these tracks appear on the reissues of their first three albums through Battle Cry Records in 2005.

The band reformed in 2014 and played their first gig after 25 years on the Metal Assault V in Würzburg, Germany.