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Avenger (CZE) - Biography

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Petr Rámus Mecák (guitar), Honza Kapák (drums) and Roman Eddie M. (vocals) are founding a band on January 1992. Vláïa Ementál Š. (bass) comes to them soon, even the 2nd guitarist Míla Sajp F. for a short time. After half a year Eddie leaves the band, replaced by Toust for one month. Then both guitarists take the posts of vocalists. The band plays it's first concert on August the 30th 1992. That autumn even Sajp leaves the band.

A work-demo tape called PANDEMONIUM is recorded during January 1993. A new guitarist Zdenìk Krmiè Z. joins the band on February and the band title is changing definitely to AVENGER (after previous Astaroth and Averger alternatives). A „0th" demo-record ETERNAL VOICES OF HELL was made in July and the band is going to play several summer festivals. Playlist contains as cover-songs as Avenger's own tracks, in kind of death/black/thrash metal. Krmiè is leaving the band on March 1994. The remaining trio records a first studio recorded demo MINSTER OF MADNESS. After finishing works on the demo, even Ementál leaves the band, being replaced by Vašek L. for a short time.

The remaining torso, Rámus (guitar, bass, vocals) & Honza (drums, bass), records the second demo THE BLACK ZONE during March 1995. Searching for suiting co-players is unlucky, that's why the concert activities are frozen. Jarda Slayer V. comes to the band thought, but he can't play bass well enough and being very busy beside the band, AVENGER is stagnating. At least Honza prepares a black metal project BLACK RAIN (recorded in the duo again, with Honza..s singing). After recording in April 1996 gets titled BEZ OHNÌ, being released on original MCs. At the end of year, this duo goes to studio again to record a new material called SHADOWS OF THE DAMNED, which raises on MCs during early 1997. Vocals are now definitelly in Honza's dominion, which colours the music to a different character of orthodox dark/black/death metal.

Honza and Rámus plays several concerts during the year, with CD-R instead a live drummer. Suddenly and unexpectly, an offer to release SHADOWS OF THE DAMNED on CDs at an american label Breath of Night. Finally, the third maniac is found in October 1997 - Crescention for playing bass, so Honza is moving back to drums even with microphone! That unleashed a set of concerts in 1998 and the awaited CD comes in March. Beside that, Rámus is organising the Open Hell Fest in July. In early September, new guitarist Vlasta S. is playing first gig with the band, but Crescention is leaving soon, which is being replaced by guest Michal M. for a short time. Honza and Rámus records a new material called FALL OF DEVOTION, WRATH AND BLASPHEMY during November.

David Z. comes to play bass at the beginning of 1999, but the guitarist Vlasta is leaving the band in summer. Due to a defect during FALL OF DEVOTION CD production is the releasing getting complicated. A good piece of news is coming of Pøemek Š. to play guitar and the band is being stabilised for a longer time. Thanx to that, the year 2000 is full of concerts, even abroad very often. FALL OF DEVOTION is being re-recorded in Honza's studio. Reedition of SHADOWS… is being released at german label Merciless in CD and vinyl form with bonuses. AVENGER is playing and playing entire year at home, abroad, with lots of very famous bands. FALL OF DEVOTION is being released also at Merciless on November. Then Pøemek is leaving Czech Republic and being replaced by a guest - Petr (Mortifilia). Even David leaves the band ad spring 2002, but the new bass player is found soon - Adam R. Guitarist Franta V. also comes, but leaves after 2 months due to some family reasons. Although that, band plays a lot, including a minitour round Europe.

Recording of a new album GODLESS starts in January 2003. The album is for an american label Deathgasm, which hires even a profi painter for to create the CD cover design. Concerts in abroad during May and the BLACK RAIN project CD release at German Merciless. Pøemek is coming back from abroad in summer. Immediately is planned and realized a concert journey to Serbia and later a autumn tour round eastern Europe. The third album GODLESS raises in October! of course even with vinyl medium at Merciless. Beginning of year 2004 is in sign of many concerts, but Pøemek leaves the band at June. Petr (Mortifilia) helps again and in summer comes to AVENGER a big enforcement - drummer Venca Vlèek. This causes a serious changes inside the band. Honza leaves the drums after 13 years and takes the post of guitarist. CD Live at Open Hell comes out in October, limited by 666 pieces.

Year 2005 is critical. It is hot atmosphere in the band. First serious problems come in June. Drummer Venca is leaving the band, but comes back to play planned summer festivals. After that Honza is leaving due to personal reasons. AVENGER stops all activities (concerts, album recording) and trying to search a replacement. Adam is leaving Czech Republic in December and AVENGER does not evolve any activities. This hibernation status ends in March 2006 - Honza is back and a guest bass player Jarda Pelán helps concerting. Then, Adam is back from abroad and AVENGER celebrates the fifteenth anniversary in December at Satan Klaus Fest. Jarda takes the post of guesting timpani player. This concert has been shooted and recorded, released as an unofficial live DVD.

The Golden Tribute to Master's Hammer is being released at Ravenhart label in April 2007. It contains two songs of AVENGER. Adam leaves the band soon, due to his job and he is out of time. AVENGER plays shows only with three members and starting to record another album titled FEAST OF ANGER, JOY OF DESPAIR in September. In early 2008, a new member comes to band - bass player Míra Sinneral Lavièka. Timpani player Jarda is becoming also a full band member. Working on album still continues during the year. Lot of succesfull concerts following and AVENGER is running to the future!!!