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It all started back in 1985 when drummer Kevin Kuzma and bassist Louis Starita joined forces with vocalist Gary Markovitch and guitarist Adam Tranquilli under the band's original name, BLOOD LUST. BLOOD LUST's maiden studio effort surfaced in February of 1986 in the form of a four song demo tape entitled The Suicidal Missions. Later that month, the talents of Michael Basden were recruited for the band as a second guitar player.

In May of 1986 the band was approached by New Renaissance Records to appear on a pair of compilation albums, Thrash Metal Attack and Speed Metal Hell Volume 3, with two tracks lifted straight off the demo tape. Soon afterwards the band was forced to change their name, and so they did... now calling themselves BLOOD FEAST. In June of 1986, New Renaissance Records offered the band an album contract.

The band financed the budget for the recording of the first album themselves, and in February of 1987 the debut album from BLOOD FEAST entitled Kill For Pleasure became a reality. Even with an extremely rough production and very little promotion from the record company, the album quickly became New Renaissance's top selling release.

It was the band's musical talent, determination, and electrifying live performances (which always ended with a blazing cover of the Celtic Frost classic "Into Crypts of Rays") that gave them the recognition they deserved, not to mention their strong underground BUZZ and many favorable reviews in magazines and fanzines worldwide.

Realizing BLOOD FEAST's potential, New Renaissance immediately sent the band back into the studio to record a four song mini-LP. In December of 1987, Face Fate was released and almost immediately outsold the debut album.

In June of 1988, BLOOD FEAST found themselves back in the studio to record a ten song demo, this time as a quartet, as Adam Tranquili was asked to leave the band. This demo was titled The Last Remains, and it was recorded on 24 tracks and indicated a tremendous growth in the band's songwriting and musical skills. The music is still aggressive and powerful as ever, but the addition of sheer professionalism and finesse brought their music to new heights.

There were some minor changes in the production of the album, such as new cover artwork and a name change. The title became Chopping Block Blues and was recorded in the summer of 1989 and released in February of 1990. Chopping Block Blues marked the band's greatest songwriting achievement, and is a concrete indication of their true potential and unique style, but unfortunately, became the band's last recording, as they broke up soon after it's release.

After being disbanded for over 10 years, the band got back together for a one time only gig at the March Metal Meltdown in Asbury Park, New Jersey in 1999!! When they hit the stage, they took everyone back to 1987, because it seemed like you were seeing them in their prime!! They came out with all the raw intensity that the live show has to offer, even after all the years of being apart. A KILLER setlist of songs, played as tight as if they never broke up was offered up to the fans. It's safe to say, NO ONE left disappointed!!

Here are some magazine reviews from the band's albums and live shows. Over the years there have been hundreds of reviews & interviews published by countless Fanzines & Magazines. Some reviews were good, others not so good. Here are a few that made it into more of the Metal "mainstream" magazines at the time. THANKS to EVERYBODY who has supported us over the years!!!!!!!!!!!!

The five-man BLOOD FEAST reunited for an appearance at the NJ March Metal Meltdown in 1999, but further activity was not to be. A second reunion began in 2007, albeit only with original members Tranquilli and Kuzma. Both Lorenzo and Natalini came on board in 2010, just in time for the band's first appearance at Headbangers Open Air in Germany (they were invited back in 2013). During this stretch, Adam began writing new material, with the band even playing an early version of "INRI" at select shows.

The BLOOD FEAST retaking its place in the metal ranks today began to take shape in March of 2014, with the addition of guitarist CJ Scioscia. When drummer Joe Moore joined a few months later, the unit was complete and immediately set to work on Adam's stockpile of new material. Two of these songs ("Off With Their Heads" and "The Burn") have become staples of the current live set. Such performances have become more frequent, culminating with an appearance at the True Thrash Fest 2015 in Osaka, Japan with Exciter, Hobb's Angel of Death, and Game Over and, most recently, HELLS HEADBANGERS own festival Hells Headbash Part 2 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Now with a new generation of thrashers and metalheads holding records like Kill for Pleasure as their cherished cult classics, BLOOD FEAST's return with The Future State of Wicked could not be any more momentous and better timed. Exploding right out of the gates with the aforementioned evil-as-fuck thrashfest "INRI," The Future State of Wicked racks up one breathless, bloody attack after the next. In one sense, the spirit of '87 is alive and well in BLOOD FEAST; their frenzied thrust is as rabid and red-eyed as ever, sounding like the crazed mania of men half their age. In another, perhaps more accurate sense, The Future State of Wicked is suffused with the wisdom of the ages, the whole span of thrash and speed metal history since BLOOD FEAST's original days on the frontlines, and it results in 10 angry-yet-finessed slices of audial terror buttressed by well-rounded but never too-polished production.

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