Merciless Death - Biography

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Started by Dan Holder and Andy Torres in early march 2003, a couple of songs were written for Guitar and Vocals. No band name was finalized as there wasn't a whole band yet, but the two possibilities were 'Merciless Onslaught' and 'Merciless Death', the latter being chosen. After some time Cesar Torres joined the band and for a time there was a 2nd guitarist named mike, More songs were written with practice being held every week, and still are to this day. Throughout the past few years the music has evolved into what it is today, raw heavy thrash speed death metal with a majority of the lyrical material being about death, satan, hell and the apocalypse.
With the release of the debut album "evil in the night" last year followed by a 5 week tour things are moving along well, and so far this year has seen the release of "Realm of Terror" to great reviews and a an appearance at germany's keep it true x festival in april along with a 4 week west coast tour in mid july, we now have Gio Loyola playing drums with us as Cesar is unable to at the moment, it is unclear how long the lineup will be, as for now, new material is being worked on so within a few shows here in L.A. things will change and we will have a new set...

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