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Remorse - Biography

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In September 1987 a gang of true metal heads - like most people in that era - decided to form a band. Daily rehearsals and member changes took place until 1990 when the first line-up had been formed: Bodnár Gábor - bass, Kollár József - guitars, Hadházi Péter - drums and Oláh Zsolt - guitars/vocals. They recorded two demo tapes between 1990 and 1991 and got the chance to tour with Tankcsapda and Bedlam in '91. The rhythm section needed a boost and Zsolt István became the new drummer.

This was a stable line-up they appeared regularly in Hungarian magazines and on various festivals and battle of the bands where they won smaller prizes and concert opportunities. They had a lot of self-supporting shows and tried to maintain themselves from these shows.

In 1993 they released their first album entitled In-Versio which sold pretty good without any special propagation. After the album was released Kalácska Gábor took up vocal duties (now in disco Express). This was for a short while but it took them in a good direction musically. Thanks to the media Remorse became a known name in Hungary. The band appeared on Hungarotone-Stone Music's compilation album entitled Demonstráció I. This meant a lot and thanks to it the band went on tour with Akela and with Omen in the following year. Kalácska Gábor left after the tour with Omen. They also participated in various battle of the bands and won several prizes: Mezőtúr, 1995: audience choice award - tour with Omen; Pécs, 1995 Hammer Festival: first prize - Hammer bass guitar; Szombathely, 1996 L.M.S. Festival: special award - studio time. They used this studio time to record their second album entitled Álmatlanság (Insomnia) which received very good reviews. Unfortunately due to personal reasons the band was forced to take a long break.

The break lasted a few years but ended at the end of 1998 and the search for new members have started. István Miklós joined on bass but the new line-up ended in consisting of: István Péter - drums, Oláh Zsolt - guitars/vocals, Sípos Zoltán - bass, Kollár József - guitars. In March 2000 they recorded their third album entitled Sötétség (Darkness) which proved to be their greatest release yet. It was released by Hungaroton in September the same year. They had a 22 date tour with Mindcontroll, Vírus and Born33 as their guests while being on tour with Pokolgép, giving two shows a day. In spring they played with Cathether, in autumn with Cadaveres de Tortugas and Born 33 but they also appeared on the country's greater festivals. In 1999 they opened for Omen and Ossian on the Rock Stage of the Sziget Festival. They brought home the grand prize and the best drummer award. Life on the road led to further line-up changes.

After some experimenting they released an EP entitled Promo 2001 with the line-up of: Oláh Zsolt - guitars/vocals, Zoller Gábor - guitars/backing vocals, István Péter - drums, Sipos Zoltán - bass/backing vocals and Varga László - vocals. They eventually decided to stick to the original plan and play thrash metal. New members were recruited and with the lineup of: Oláh Kálmán - drums, Róm Gábor - vocals, Oláh Zsolt - guitars/vocals, Kossuth Lajos - guitars and Kovács Krisztián - bass they released an EP entitled Promo 2003.

In September 2005 Nail Records released their forth album entitled HARC! (Fight!). The album won the best album of the year award and best album cover of the year award on the Hungarian Metal Awards. The band started playing abroad and launched there own website: Unfortunately 3/5th of the band left the country to pursue a better life abroad. Vince Sándor (Arsenic) and Gáti Sándor (Nervekiller) helped them out until a new line-up was formed by the end of 2006: Ráczkevi Imre - vocals (Decadence), Selmeczi András - bass (Gutted), Oláh Kálmán - drums, Hocza Róbert - guitars (Mytra), Oláh Zsolt - guitars/vocals.

They started working on their new album entitled D.Ü.H. (F.U.R.Y.) but due to musical differences a new bass player was needed. Horváth Csaba (Adversor) stepped in temporarily, whose playing can be heard on the album which was released in 2008. In 2011 Szabó Péter (Screen, Magic Spell) took up bass duties and the band is thrashing continuously, never giving up!