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Lunatic Gods - Biography




The band LUNATIC GODS was founded at the beginning of the summer of 1993 by Hirax (guitars), Psycho (drums), Mortis (vocals) and King (keyboards). They decided to name this band BESTIALIT at first and the band played brutal death metal - grind core. They were immediately contacted by METAL AGE PRODUCTIONS who offered them a chance for they first release. BESTIALIT didn't hesitate and METAL AGE released a split CD BESTIALIT / DEHYDRATED in the beginning of the year '94. This split CD, BESTIALIT "Fuckland" / DEHYDRATED "Burnt", received a lot of praise not only in the Slovak and Czech underground, but in the international underground as well, and 1200 CDs were rapidly sold out. Short after this CD was released, the band played a lot of concerts where they introduced their debut material.

A few months later two new members Richard (bass guitar) and Emil (vocals) entered the line-up. The band realised that they got to another stage of their musical development, and the name BESTIALIT was not suitable for the atmosphere of the new compositions anymore; therefore the name was changed to LUNATIC GODS. After some time, the Italian label POLYPHEMUS RECORDS offered them a contract for a CD, and the debut of LUNATIC GODS "Inhuman and Insensible" was released in the spring of 1996. This was the first time that a Slovak band was released by a foreign label. The CD appeared on 25th April '96 on the international music scene. This CD was very successful, which can be proved by lots of positive reviews that were published in a lot of relevant metal magazines, as well as lots of interviews. This material was supported by many live performances in clubs and festivals.

In January 1997 the edition of 3000 copies was sold out and POLYPHEMUS RECORDS offered a contract for two new albums to LUNATIC GODS. In the summer of 1997 ten new songs were recorded with the production of Dusan Antalik, who is one of the best producers in Slovakia. The new material "Sitting by the Fire" was released by METAL AGE PRODUCTIONS. The compositions from this album appeared on many compilations the band was played in a lot of radio shows and the reviews of this album were very good which was proved by a lot of interviews with the band in world metal press but also in underground zines. The album was supported by a lot of concerts and summer festivals.

Then followed an EP "Cuckoo" which was released in 1999. There are two songs. One of them, "Cuckoo", was previously unreleased and most probably will never be released again. The other song is a cover of famous "Phantom Lord" (METALLICA). This song was exclusively recorded for Italian label ENERGIE RECORDS and released on a double CD tribute to METALLICA.

The year 2000 is the year of personal changes in the line-up of the band as the singer Mortis and keyboard player King leave the band. Short after a new singer Horar, known from a death metal band PROTEST, joins the band as well as Lucy, a young promising keyboard player. This new line-up starts work which results in a new composition "The Wilderness" that is recorded in studio Exponent in Decembre 2000 together with a Czech sitar player Jirka Dohnal. The album "The Wilderness" released by Czech label SHINDY PRODUCTIONS on January 2002.

Since "The Wilderness" release, LUNATIC GODS have been playing live on the first place. There were two Czech and Slovak tours and plenty off appearances on festivals in the area. LUNATIC GODS have shared stages with the likes of King Diamond, Nightwish, Edguy, Kreator, Marduk, Immolation or Malevolent Creation. In spring 2003 they were back at the time-proven Exponent studio to record a new opus "Mythus". The album eventually comes out on Hirax's own HROM RECORDS. A few months later the album is released in DigiCD format (Epidemie Records), LP (Monster Nation Records) and tape (Akne Productions). The CD contains a CDrom bonus with two promo videos shot for the album songs playable on PC. The line-up has remained the same sinc ethe previous album, i.e.: Psycho - drums, Richard - bass, Hirax - lead guitar, Luboslav - rhythm guitar, Emil - vocals, Horar - vocals and Lu - keyboards.