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Svartahrid - Biography




Svartahrid was founded in 1994 by Istar and Forn. In 1996 the band got 2 new members: Bjoern on synth and Ilvastar on bass. In 1998 Svartahrid went in Akkerhaugen Lydstudio and recorded a demo with two songs "Forthcoming Storm" and "Herskende i blod". With this demo Svartahrid was offered a deal on Napalm Records. In January 1999 the debut album Forthcoming Storm was recorded in Akkerhaugen studio. Shortly after the recording of []i]Forthcoming Storm[/i] album Bjoern left the band. He was not replaced and Svartahrid continued as a trio. In August 2000 Svartahrid recorded their second album As the Sunrise Flickers. In 2001 Ilvastar left the band and was replaced by Frank Iberg. Svartahrid recorded their third album Sadness and Wrath in 2003 and was released by Soulseller Records in June 2007. In 2003 Frank Iberg left the band and in 2004 he was replaced by the current member Nidgrim on bass. In January 2008 Svartahrid completed the work with their fourth album called Malicious Pride and it was released in June 2008. Svartahrid will complete the work with the new album titled Ex Inferi during December 2009 and will be mastered in January 2010. The album will be released during winter/spring 2010 and new songs were available to check out on MySpace in February. There were some changes in the line up including Nidgrim deciding to leave the band in October 2009. The band hired Simen to play second guitar at the end of 2009. In May of 2010 the band released it's fifth album Ex Inferi through Soulseller Records.

Transcribed from information on MySpace.