Tiarra - Biography

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Tiarra is a gothic metal band from Bucharest, Romania, formed in 2004.
The initial project had a more simple formula than it has now and its style was a more aggressive one, mainly gothic-black. The founding members were 4 young rockers: Alex, Gil, Anda, John that is: a guitar player, a drummer, a female vocal, and a keyboard player. 
In that period, this project suffered a series of modifications not only in the musical plan but also at the level of its components. The experience of the initial members was reduced as regards gothic. 
John, the keyboard player, graduated the High School of Music "Dinu Lipatti" (Bucharest) in flute and secondary piano.

The drummer and the guitar player had been interpreters in another band of black metal. 
Anda, the beautiful female voice, graduated the University of Fine Arts (Bucharest), in restoring. Having a sensible musical hearing, she sang in different choruses from 8 to 16 years old. Her beautiful voice and talent make her the symbol of the band.

The following structural modification of Tiarra brought 2 new members, a bass-guitar player, and a guitar player (a girl) to complete the sound and enlarge the creative spectrum. The band functioned a long period of time with this instrumental arrangement.
After more changes of members by which Tiarra saught a more satisfying formula for that moment, the band recorded a demo in a studio. This CD contained 6 songs, a prologue and an epilogue. The order of the songs on the CD is as it follows: Prologue; Tiarra; To the End of the Light; Dying Soul; Requiem for a Hero; Everything for Her, Dreams of Despair; Epilogue. The lyrics in Romanian were composed by Anda's mother, who implied herself both financially and morally to help the band from the very beginning.

After recording, a series of concerts followed in Bucharest as well as in other towns, in clubs or in rock festivals.
Tiarra made again changes at the level of its components. One of the guitars was replaced by a violin.
Diana, the violin player, is a student at the High School of Music "George Enescu" (Bucharest). The songs were modified slightly, the violin being an instrument that outlined much better the message of the band.

The concept of the male voice was modified as different band members came with new approaches to the lyrics and interpretation. At present, the vocal interpret is Alex (Indianu) , the ex-drummer of the band.

As a matter of fact, the apparently chaotic and numerous changes led to finding a better formula, so that the band gained experience, and also a powerful identity resulted, built on these profitable searches. 
Now, the style stands out much more melodious and more complex than the initial one. 
The cello is also a new and important element of the band. The current cello player is Iulia, who's a stundent of the Music Academy in Bucharest. This last acquisition proved to be a welcomed one, both for the band members and for the fans.

The present drummer, Sebastian, has played in other metal bands.

He brought new elements and improved the rhythmical part together with the bass-guitar player Robert who is one of the most serious members of the band in the musical plan.

With Tudor at the guitar bringing influences from prog and progressive metal (also brought by the drummer), the band composed a series of new songs in the new formula and with new elements.

These songs, together with some of those recorded on the demo, are to be recorded as Tiara's first album. Tiara has got 8 members at present: drum, bass-guitar, guitar, keyboard, violin, cello, male voice and female voice.

Anda and John are the most involved in composing the tunes since the beginning of Tiarra. The other members have also contributed either at the level of their instruments, having total freedom to create a line more concordant with the general framework, or at the structural level. All the members are present when a musical idea is put in a concrete form in order to be able to bring their contribution to the style in an original and suitable manner. 
In what concerns the message, there is no policy of ideas: the main theme is love, emphasizing the idea of internal feelings, of duality. 
It is a drama per musica.