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Why Angels Fall - Biography

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It all began after the Te Devm (a goth-rock project) split-up. There were too many things happening back in those days that kept them from concentrating on a music project but then this urge to shape thoughts into sounds took over once more. So they were in the year three of the new millennium when they talked with some of Te Devm's partners, João and Miguel, about doing something slower and presented the basis of what became " the Sun" although João left the project soon after the drums recording sessions. When working with talented musicians which they are fortunate to call friends things turn much easier and that's what happened with the recording sessions of their first work. Although Daniel was then living in the north of the country he agreed to perform and record the drums sessions so they headed to his own studio for a weekend to capture the three songs. After the drums sessions came a simple decision: Basílio would record the remaining of " the Sun" and co-produce it in is own Machina Studios.

They were at the spring of 2003 and the studio sessions took place until the beginning of autumn. The wheel of life sometimes bless bands with good fortune and this is one of the biggest examples. When Nero was a young metal head in the days that the underground scene in Odivelas [Lisbon suburbia] was at its highest (loads of excellent bands were active these days like portuguese great doomsters Desire or the promising doom mixed with ethnic Dead Can Dance feeling of Exhausted, the death-metal of Jesus As A Girl or even the experimental rock of Slamo) he started to learn guitar and took Basílio as teacher which later became a mentor and the best of friends. His involvement with the recording sessions of " the Sun" surpassed the simple work of sound engineering and gave it a wider potential. As mentioned before João soon left the project and the band was reduced to Nero himself, Miguel and Daniel as session musician [his help and friendship were fundamental through all the shaping process of Why Angels Fall], so he decided to invite Roberto, a friend of old, to do the bass sessions on the record.

It was a huge step to the consistence of the record since Roberto is a very talented and creative musician with wide experience and also helped building a familiarity sense between the band since he and Basílio were long-time friends and teamed together on the underground act Kranion later called Jesus As A Girl [were they always kept a experimental feeling from their initial death-metal, to doom or later to electronic rock]. Without all this talented people it wouldn't have been possible to do our first record. Although Nero had the songs done they would never had shaped the way they did without the aid of such great musicians. The last part of this chronicle is reserved to Miguel who endured all the trials on this journey with Nero since the days of ''te devm''. His musical discipline has always supported the sonic architecture that ''Why Angels Fall'' have built since the beginning and his pianos add something extra to it has it can be noticed on the feedback we have from those who listen to their music. And he has always been a truthful friend.

In the midsummer of 2004, only a few time after they started promoting '' the Sun", they were proposed to release it through Foreshadow Productions and at the same time invited to do a cover song for a Skepticism tribute. This was a very enthusiastic moment for the band which started immediately selecting the song to cover and later when the deal of officially releasing " the Sun" went down due to label policies we had already finished the recording sessions of their Skepticism version so they held to the deal that remained. They have selected "Shred Of Light, Pinch Of Endless" for two main reasons: the song is not one of Skepticism's most praised although is one of Nero favorites so they could have a greater freedom to manipulate it than the one they would have if they had chosen a song like "Aether", "Aes" or the "March And The Stream" and also the lyrics of the song they chose are simply the best of Skepticism in Nero's opinion.

There were a few skeptic voices about Why Angels Fall doing a version of a funeral doom band and about the possibility of such project being ever released. Still they closed themselves with the same line-up in Machina Studios for a month to record their version after having captured the drums at Lynxpro Studios [where Te Devm's demo had been recorded a few years before]. This time Miguel was the one conducting the ''fallen'' since the original has a strong strings driven feeling and they kept that in their version and when they went to the vocals recording sessions they also wanted to maintain truthful to the depth of Matti's vocals so the band thought of inviting Tear (Desire vocals), a decision that proved most splendid for we found a friend and someone who has from the beginning worked with devotion and dedication on this project. In the beginning of 2005 the song was fully mixed and mastered and was sent to Foreshadow.

For a long time Why Angels Fall remained as a more focused studio project, since their formation they had only played live in two occasions before they had even released '' the Sun'', because they had not a strong rehearsed line-up [Daniel was in the band as session musician] and it was hard to be prepared to play live and be consistent doing it, it was when there was a turn on events: due to the compromise of Daniel the band always had the tranquility to search for a good drummer instead of spending time always changing line-up and so they met Júlio. It was midsummer of 2005 and they [Nero and Miguel] went to audition him, when the audition was over it was spontaneous to invite him to join the band - they had finally found a dedicated and enthusiastic drummer who could still keep the level to which they were used to with Daniel. Thus they started rehearsals for some booked concerts they had through the final months of the year but still they were lacking some dynamics and so the band decided to invite Basílio to the line-up.

Throughout all this time "The Unveiling" was always being prepared and written. The narration of the new work's recordings can be found within the special edition released by bubonic productions.