Tristitia - Biography




Tristitia was formed back in late '92 by guitarist Luis B. Galvez. His devotion for Doom Metal and sorrowful melodies brought him to form the band with Death/Gothic style singer Thomas Karlsson and Harri Juvonen on bass. They recorded their first demo in april '93 entitled "Winds of Sacrifice". In january '94 they released their second demo "Reminiscences of the Mourner". The receiving of this demo was even better than "Winds of Sacrifice" and gave Tristitia a record deal with the French label Holy Records. In march '95 now with Bruno Nilsson behind the drums, Thomas on vocals and Luis playing all guitars, bass and keyboards, Tristitia released their first CD album "One with Darkness". Summer '96 they recorded their second album "Crucidiction" wich was released december '96. Tristitia's third album "The Last Grief" brought the band a new atmospheric Dark Doom Heavy Metal singing style with session singer Rickard Bengtsson from the Swedish band Last Tribe and with mixed doom riffs/classical guitar parts Tristitia found a new path beyond the labyrinth of Darkness. At the fall 2002 the band was ready for their 4th album and entered Darkside Studios in their hometown Halmstad to record their latest cd "Garden of Darkness" with Death style vocalist Stefan Persson, wich to be the darkest, most sorrowful and well produced of all Tristitia's releases.