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Assück - Biography

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Assück was a grindcore band from St. Petersburg, Florida. They existed from 1987 to 1998. They released two 12" albums, Misery Index, and Anticapital, as well as numerous 7", split 7" records and various comp tracks. In fact, Anticapital was released with the early Blindspot 7". They were one of the most important North American grindcore bands and still have a strong cult following. Sometimes described as the best example of "hardcore kids playing death metal," and they sound the part rather well, with very technical drumming, tuned-down guitars and gruff vocals. There are no guitar solos, unlike most death metal, and more poetic and existential, vaguely-political lyrics, delivered in a unique and carefully-measured rhythm. One of the most notable bands they have influenced is Misery Index, whose namesake originates from the economic indicator of the same name and shares it with Assück's last album.

Anticapital was ranked as the fourth best American grindcore album by Terrorizer Magazine.