El Comer Ocho - Biography



For more than a year now, EC8 defines itself as a compact synthesis between grindcore, death metal, and thrash metal. Without denying any of these referential styles, EC8 tends to look beyond their respective cliches in order to create a lot more aggressive and personal music. Alternating both twisted screams and death voices, EC8's music is made out of complex rhythmical parts and tortured melodic lines. Beware! This metal is not to be heard by everyone! Aggression is so pure here that even the most extreme metal fans sometimes get puzzled by such a powerful hammer shock, knocking 'em right between the eyes!

Before end of 2K10, the combo delivered their first album, a condensate of brutality! These Belgians didn't waste their time since Flanders based label Goodlife Recordings, known to be one of the top European hardcore scene promoters, offered them distribution throughout Europe; thus, according to the famous quote, that bomb of an album will be available in every good record shop!