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Abske Fides - Biography




The ABSKE FIDES name's translation in English is "Without Faith" and it is also a Funeral Death / Doom Metal band though there was a few experts that labeled this guys as Black Metal due to their lyrics and music but in overall I think that they stick to the smudgy side of Doom. The band was formed in 2003 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. ABSKE FIDES represents a part of the new generation South American extreme Metal scene. ABSKE FIDES release a demo called "Illness" in 2006. Later they released two EPs "Apart Of The World" and "Disenlightment" in 2009. "Abske Fides" is their first full length studio album. The two EPs sounded a bit more like Black Metal oriented, but without a doubt that there is a Doom Metal approach on this particular album which is associated with pure, extreme and classical style of the subgenre bands like MY DYING BRIDE for instance.