Rusty Pacemaker - Biography

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Rusty first started writing songs in 2003. Very soon he dreamt of writing, recording and producing his own music however, in the end it took him about seven years to complete his debut album Blackness and White Light released in 2010. The first material that could be considered as a song, ended up as the opener of the album, titled cell, and is a very different version from the original of 2003. After having written and recorded 5 songs in a rough demo version, he got to know Franz Löchinger, a professional drummer, who agreed to play the drums on the album. To complete a full length opus, Rusty wrote another five songs and slowly collected recording devices and studio equipment. At that time Rusty (which is the artist's nickname) just added the word Pacemaker and hence had his pseudonym as an artist.

The recording of Blackness and White Light was finished in 2009, mixing and mastering happened in 2009 and 2010 in Rusty's, by then named, White Studio. After all the hard work, Rusty felt it took him a lifetime to complete the album but eventually the release date was set for the 20th of October 2010, published by the new record label

Right after having finished Blackness and White Light Rusty Pacemaker decided to improve his studio situation as he found the working condition in the White Studio quite frustrating. So just before the album was released, the studio was completely rebuilt to set a new standard and push things forward.

By now Rusty is writing new songs for an upcoming album under the working title Ruins to be released in the year 20??..