Love Lies Bleeding - Biography




Love Lies Bleeding LLB was a super black metal band from France. They released 2 independent demos and 5 albums with ccp records

Behold My Vain Sacrifice (2000) is an atmospheric black metal album which contains 5 songs about melancholy and sadness, inspired by poems. Great instrumentism and awesome harmonies on a romanticism style. "she had the darkest smile and tears in her eyes" and it shall live, for ever.

S.I.N. (2001) is a black metal album with 7 songs, the album shows a concept of evil melodies and enigmatic histories about satanism and war, in a cradle of filth-styled black metal.

Ex Nihilo (2002) is another atmospheric album, which speaks about philosophy, reality and sadness in a powerful, pure and evil form, with the greatest production ever.

Ellipse (2004) is a mysterious black metal album that contains electronic elements. It speaks about life, philosophy and death.

The last album, Clinamen (2006) is a industrial black metal masterpiece, darkness, occultism in 5 songs. The album is about dyonisios and the epicureanism, philosophy at its major knowledge. Drum n' bass, black metal with destructive concepts.

The band has splitted up in 2008,