Adamantra - Biography




The idea of forming Adamantra saw the daylight about a decade ago in Helsinki (Finland), when bass player
Jukka Hoffrén started to record some of his tunes and ideas on a friends computer. As the songs were given their
final shape during the process of preproduction, it was time to form a band to have the opportunity for live

Despite of placing numerous of ads in several music magazines and on different websites, a really fitting line-up
was somewhat difficult to create. However the real solution was closer than expected. Tuomas Nieminen, Mikko
Sepponen and Panu Kiskola were already known from earlier bands and line-ups. The band made records and
played gigs for many years with several session keyboardists until 2010 Christian Pulkkinen finally step into the
picture. The Adamantra line-up is not unknown in the Finnish music scene and includes musicians from such
bands as Coventhrall, Epicrenel, The Ragged Saints and Simulacrum.

After their first EP of 2006 and their debut album "Revival" of 2009, Adamantra started the composing, rehearsing
and recording of new tracks in August 2010. It takes a few years, a bit of blood and sweat and the one or the other
larger effort to realize a result, in which everyone is really happy and satisfied. "Act II: Silent Narratives" has become
an album with a lot of different aspects and full of emotions. A mix of progressive, symphonic and harder Metal
influences, independently in its execution and with a high recognition value. With each track the band manages to
find the crucial melody in an impressive way and which settles in the ear canal. And also longer instrumental
passages fit seamlessly to the total work of art. "Act II: Silent Narratives" is the smoking gun that it pays to take
time for all the things that are personally, but also in terms of professionalism, important and not always to be
satisfied with a quick result. Now the current scenario is that you can expect a real Symphonic Progressive Power
Metal blast of a band with a promising future that is more than worthy of your undivided attention!