Adamantra - Biography

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"Revival" was the name of the debut album in 2009 and gave the first impression of the war cry to be unleashed on to the inhabitants of the melodic prog-metal universe. Adamantra is now continuing to lead the way as a new generation phenomenon with these three master pieces.

Unfortunately last summer, the band and their label (Sound Of Finland) decided to separate their ways in a mutual decision just before entering the studio. Even without the support of a record company the band considered the new material to be strong and passionate enough that it should be completed. Adamantra continued to record the full album at D-Studio and Pathos Music and the three-piece CD gives a preview of the full album when the mixing is completed for the rest of the songs.

The band is on the prowl for a master deal, recording deal or a licensing deal.

In the meantime, Adamantra has strengthened the camp by recruiting Christian Pulkkinen (Simulacrum) as a full member keyboardist. Christian's playing can be heard on these new songs.

" The year 2011 shall be in many ways a corner stone of my musical career. First of all, my own band Simulacrum is releasing it's debut album at the end of the year and secondly I got asked to join Adamantra as a permanent member. During the shows last summer I understood what a privilege it is to get to play with the musicians in the band. All of the members have excellent technique but also artistic vision and the ability to create great music. You have my word that I will challenge my self to play faster and stronger without forgetting good taste and artistic interpretation."
- Christian

Christian has already played seven concerts last summer as a live member, but after the new powerful material completed, Adamantra is dying to get on stage again!