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Dictator - Biography




The sombre being known only as Dictator passed away some time in the middle of Anno MMV. Dictator ended his own life; thus beginning a sinister journey through the halls of Death. Initially experimentating with harsh cosmic resonances and piercing feedback reverberations bordering on music; analog and digital Noise harshness enveloped and shrouded in cavernous Dark Ambient soundscapes - an exploration of the decadence of existence while delving deep into the chaos of the human psyche. This early experimentation had one release see the dark of night after several months of torture in the dungeons known as Necrosadistic Studios. "Fog of Death" was released via the internet, demonstrating a uniquely chaotic and tormenting approach to Dark Ambiance and Noise.

However, Dictator soon abandoned this musical ideal having discovered a more precise method of expressing his anguish and abhorrence towards the living realm. Thus an ominous transformation took place; Dictator envisioning a perverse misinterpretation of what could be described as morose and decrepit Funeral Doom Metal melded with cold and macabre Black Metal. Henceforth merging musical elements and influences from both aforementioned musical paradigms while maintaining the oppressive ambient aura of previous works, Dictator subsequently spent three cold months locked away in the subterranean burial chambers of Necrosadistic Studios. The dire consequences of those sessions came shambling from the grave in the form of "The Pain Sessions". This desolate masterpiece contains two unholy hymns in Dictator's unique style of dismal and desolate Suicidal Black Funereal Doom Metal.

After the release of "The Pain Sessions", a malicious pact was forged with the Sérpéné Héli Music collective to release Dictator's shattering debut full-length album "Dysangelist". Almost two years in the making, "Dysangelist" is a four-chapter conceptual masterwork focusing on the religious worship of Death and thus the inevitable decline of human Faith leading unto Salvation. Lasting an excrutiating seventy-five minutes, "Dysangelist" is a monolithic release, taking Dictator's oppressive and subterranean Suicidal Black Funereal Doom Metal sound to untold new depths of depravity, darkness and Unorthodox conceptual revelatio