The Cold Existence - Biography

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In the summer of 1998 Jan Sallander started a band under the name "Cold".
Jan brought with him a bass player from his old band Esmony and found a drummer
who lived in Stenungsund, where they rehearsed.
With just three band members Jan Sallander felt that it was not enough for the music he created. It needed two guitars.
At the end of Dec 1999 Jan Hellenberg joined the band, and it was then the band took the name 'The Cold Existence'.

In the end of year 2000 the drummer and bass player quit the band, but the band quickly found a new drummer Björn Eriksson and a new bassplayer Patric Syk.
After this, the band had a solid crew!
At the same time The Cold Existence moved to a descent rehearsal room in Gothenburg.
In the year 2001 the band wrote 15 songs and recorded a couple of demos for personal use,and they also started to perform live more often.

The year 2003 The Cold Existence recorded their first official demo 'Beyond Comprehension' at studio Los Angered with Andy La Roqcue behind the mixer board!
The demo got a good heavy sound and was met by a really good response from media and audience.
In late 2004 the bassplayer Patrik Syk left the band and Peter Laustsen from the band "Maleficio" did not only have the spot as bassplayer, he also has a lot of musical contacts which helped The Cold Existence a lot.

After that the band inked a record deal with USA label Khaosmaster Productions on a release of their demo "Beyond Comprehension" as a MCD which was released in USA and Europe.
The MCD got a very good response. In Europe the band got a lot of Good reviews, the magazine Close Up wote them as best band in 2005, in all metal genres.

In late November, early December 2005 The Cold Existence started to record their first full length album, "The Essence" in studio Los Angered.
After recording "The Essence" Björn Eriksson left the band.
But he was soon replaced by hungry youngster Jimmie Olausson.

With offers to play in concerts such as Metal Mania Open Air Fest in Slovenia, not to mention the offers from Germany, Netherlands and Serbia, the band felt stronger than ever before. Then it happened again, Jan Hellenberg left the band in cause of lack of time to play in a band. A few guitar players rehearsed with The Cold Existence in hope to become a new guitar player.
But noone was suited for it so Wictor Lindström from the band "Garm" became the lead guitarist for a short period of time, and then Jimmie Olausson thought that his friend Robert Persson would suit as the lead guitarist..

After some rehearsals they knew that Robert was a guitar player that suited The Cold Existence and the lead guitar was passed on to Robert.
In the summer of 2007, Jimmie Olausson was replaced with a new drummer named Joakim Antonsson from the band "Vindicate".
Now, the members are very happy with the line-up and are eager to show their new music to the world.

The Cold Existence new material is still Swedish deathmetal, but with a more brutal and atmospheric sound. They have taken the Swedish deathmetal to a new level.