Mastabah - Biography

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MASTABAH are experienced musicians who formerly played in various well-known Polish groups. MASTABAH was set up at the beginning of 2004 by Thorn (ex-member of Damnation, Azarath, Dark Legion and present member of Bisclaveret) and Goro (ex-member of Dark Legion). After some rehearsals the band was joined by Mar (ex-member of Dark Legion) and Belzebub. Promo 2004 (out in November 2004) contain four tracks (with Goro's session vocals), it was recorded in the private studio. In january 2005 Chudy (ex-member of Trauma) joined the band. He leaved the band about two years later. The year 2007 brought album "PURITY". Also in 2007 Sauat (ex-member of Unborn Suffer) joined the band and he took over function of vocalist. In March 2008 Belzebub leaved MASTABAH and Levan (ex-member of Decimated) took his place. Sauat leaved the band in the end of 2008 and after that Levan is vocalist. In June 2009 MASTABAH recorded a new album "QUINTESSENCE OF EVIL" with Levan's vocals and session vocals by Goro. September 2009-cofounder of MASTABAH (Thorn) leaved the band and Belzebub come back as a lead guitarist. Now MASTABAH was began season of devastating gigs!