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Dissonance - Biography

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Techno Death Metal phenomenon DISSONANCE began play with original name NOTORICA. They have recorded 4 demos and after guitarist leave they have changed style from Thrash Metal to more complex and technical Death Metal compositions. After problems to find some label they have finally released their only album "Look To Forget" under Czech label Czech Panorama in 1994. DISSONANCE have played many live gigs especially in Slovakia and Czech.

Look To Forget is a fine album of jumpy, chaotic, technical death metal, somewhat along the lines of later-period Death. The musicianship is flawless, with guitar riffs and drum patterns bouncing all over the place, with standard growlly vocals over the top. There is a tendency here to lose focus of the song in favor of jamming in yet another riff, but this can be overlooked. This is probably a hard find, but tech death metal fans would definitely find this band of interest.